6 Things To Know About Specialized Freight Services


From time to time, an individual may need or want an item available for purchase in a store. Buying them today can be done by going to a physical branch or ordering online. If the goods they purchased need to be delivered to their address, they’ll receive it after a certain period, depending on their location, from a service personnel group.

The sequence mentioned is usually the only visible event for most customers, making them think that the buying and delivery process should be as easy as slicing a birthday cake. Nonetheless, the story behind the scenes is way more complicated.

What Does ‘Freight’ Mean?

The word ‘freight’ refers to the goods that customers buy weighing 150 pounds and above, though there are instances when items weighing less than 150 pounds but more than 75 pounds can still be called freight. It can range from a lady’s refrigerator to a construction company’s immense crane shipping.

Some of them may require testing, pre-cautionary handling, or immense space to ensure that they’re not defective or damaged while in transit—and this job is administered with the utmost care by specialized freight services.

What Do Specialized Freight Services Do?

Specialized freight services such as Next Exit Logistics and others are logistics companies that provide secure delivery management for items that retailers sell to their customers. They have an intensive network of customer service and hands-on employees coordinating with each other, ensuring that the goods that their retailing partners sell make it safely to their customers’ homes.

  • Customer Service Support

Specialized freight services’ customer service is the department that communicates with retailing partners and their customers regarding delivery status, complaints, and personal information updates.

Their role is critical because they aim to secure the trust of their clients, respond to inquiries regarding the delivery in real-time, and coordinate information with the rest of the team to resolve possible problems that may arise during the delivery.

Here are delivery status examples:

    • In Transit. It means the item is en route to the customer’s location. The usual turnaround time is 1-3 business days.
    • Delivered. It means that the item reached the client’s address. 
    • Canceled. It means that before the delivery, the client’s request to cancel the order has been finalized.
    • Delivery Personnel

The delivery personnel consist of the workers attending to the manual job of the delivery process. It includes the vehicle driver and the item attendants. They’ve received proper training about how to keep them safe, making them ideal as handlers. Like customer support, their role is essential to the delivery process because it’s their responsibility to ensure that the item makes it to the correct customers’ locations in time without sustaining any damage.

Specialized Freight Services Offer Domestic And International Deliveries

Buyers of retailing companies can be from anywhere in the world; but with the help of specialized freight services, the distance and time of the delivery become smooth and fast. They can operate domestic and international deliveries, coordinating with customs as needed. The delivery charge can be higher depending on the client’s distance.

Pricing Depends On The Logistics Company’s Structure

Logistics companies that specialize in freight services don’t share similar criteria about pricing. Some may charge per pound or by shipment, especially if it’s going to be an overseas delivery. Therefore, if someone needs their services, it’s essential to identify how their pricing works.

Specialized Freight Services Includes Assistance Of Goods Paperwork

Delivering goods requires a lot of paperwork like a commercial invoice, the contract of sale of the seller and the receiver, packing lists, and the bill of lading or the receipt showing the list of goods the customer bought. Of course, that means a lot of additional workloads, but acquiring specialized freight services takes that off the list.

Specialized Freight Services Insurance

Logistics companies offer their regulations when it comes to insurance. Some offer discounts due to delays while others only consider it when the items they deliver get damaged while en route. Also, they have a distinctive benefit coverage after meeting an allotted deductible. For example, if their partner meets their USD$100 deductible, their future shipments within a year will be covered by 80%.


Specialized freight services help secure the delivery of goods to customers worldwide by bringing the goods to the buyer’s location and attending to the delivery documents of their partners. They have an intensive logistics, technology, and workforce network that allows them to do the job efficiently. Regardless of distance, item complexity, and size, they ensure that buyers get the item they deserve at the right time, place, and in its best shape.