62% of wholesalers missing out on digital marketing opportunities


Business Computer Projects (BCP), suppliers of software solutions to wholesalers across the UK, is releasing a new report which details how wholesalers engage with digital marketing. The report highlights the importance of digital marketing as a tool for growth across the sector. It also emphasises that wholesalers need more help taking advantage of digital marketing opportunities.

The report follows a survey undertaken by BCP who wanted to determine if and how their clients use digital marketing. Only 38% of the respondents said they develop frequent digital marketing strategies and only 31% said they have an allocated budget.

Andy Pratt, Sales Executive for BCP’s ecommerce platform said “A marketing budget is essential for the wider business strategy. Without one wholesalers can easily invest in the wrong marketing platforms which do not generate positive results.”

BCP also found that a lack of resources and suitable skills is why digital marketing in the sector isn’t as prominent as it should be. Two thirds of businesses surveyed only have a small marketing team. “It takes a full team of individuals to strategise, coordinate and implement a digital marketing plan, so it’s important to have the right team with sufficient expertise.” Andy continues.

This means that despite respondents saying they undertake frequent digital marketing activity, 54% outsource certain things. But in the report BCP highlight that there can be many pitfalls with this as well. The biggest being when marketing agencies fail to understand a business or brand.

To help their clients overcome this challenge, BCP have expanded their Oporteo ecommerce platform to include digital marketing services. These will be provided in partnership with a number of carefully selected marketing agencies. “Having worked with wholesalers for over 40 years, BCP understand the challenges wholesalers face. We are looking forward to working with our new partners to provide them with the most suitable digital marketing solutions.” Andy concludes.