A.M.G. Medical Deploys Tecsys’ Elite™ Distribution ERP in End-to-End Digital Transformation


Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, is pleased to announce that A.M.G. Medical Inc. (AMG), a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of home healthcare and medical professional products has launched its end-to-end digital transformation journey by implementing Tecsys’ cloud-based Elite™ Distribution ERP (enterprise resource planning solution) together with Elite™ WMS, Tecsys’ robust warehouse management solution. The seamlessly integrated Tecsys system, designed specifically for distribution-focused organizations, provides A.M.G. Medical’s headquarters and distribution center with an adaptive, scalable, function-rich platform that accommodates business-critical complexity and drives financial performance.

A.M.G. Medical sought a modern cloud-based ERP solution that would allow the distribution company to build innovation and agility into its supply chain operation while remaining compliant with business requirements. Fundamental to A.M.G. Medical’s business success, leadership prioritized a system that manages change, fosters growth and informs on key investment decisions through support for complex financial reporting.

“We knew we needed to revitalize our aging systems, and we determined that our ERP, as the digital nerve center of our organization, would be the epicenter of that transformation,” explains Janick Coulombe, vice president, Finance and Administration at A.M.G. Medical. “As a distribution-focused ERP provider, Tecsys provides a strategic benefit over the giant one-size-fits-all ERPs keyed into the form and function that we need as a distribution organization. The Tecsys solution affords us data transparency and financial stewardship in our operations while improving agility and productivity. We now have a more reliable data flow into our new data mart for better reporting and analytics.”

Learn more about A.M.G. Medical’s Tecsys Elite™ Distribution ERP implementation in this interview with Janick Coulombe: www.tecsys.com/amgmedical

Elite™ Distribution ERP assumes the added complexity in distribution that comes with a converging supply chain market. With Tecsys’ software in place, A.M.G. Medical has visibility into every facet of its operations so the organization can make better decisions, respond to customer requests faster and stay ahead of the competition. Its scalable platform accommodates the constant flux in operations and customer demands.

ERPs should be measured by their relevant value and functionality, especially in context of an organization’s principal line of business. With Elite™ Distribution ERP, A.M.G. Medical will:

  • Drive Financial Performance. A.M.G. Medical gains access to evidence-based information that helps guide key investment decisions while controlling the complexity of financial reporting.
  • Accelerate Order-to-cash. A.M.G. Medical streamlines order fulfillment through multiple channels and multiple processes with fluidity throughout the customer relationship cycle, from order to returns to efficient cash collection.
  • Improve Forecast Accuracy. With Elite™ Distribution ERP, A.M.G. Medical’s demand planners have access to complete and detailed historical demand data at any level of aggregation, right down to the originating transaction. With powerful reporting tools and customizable data filters, planners can locate and investigate trends and spikes, allowing them to unearth hidden opportunities and improve accuracy.
  • Manage Purchase-to-pay. Planning and automation of the purchasing process streamlines A.M.G. Medical’s workflows while realizing efficiency, cost savings and increased financial and procurement visibility.
  • Achieve Full Visibility. A.M.G. Medical’s integrated single source of truth provides complete, multi-platform operational visibility. It allows for more reliable data, better reporting, and the means to perform business process improvements on a continuous basis.

“We’re in the business of turning supply chain complexity from an obstacle to an opportunity, and we’re delighted to have helped A.M.G. Medical in that journey through their Elite™ Distribution ERP implementation,” says Peter Brereton, president and CEO at Tecsys. “In order for distribution-focused organizations to be competitive, they need to turn the rigorous supply chain demands being placed on them into a competitive advantage. Monolithic ERP systems are not designed for the level of volatility and change in supply chain execution. By putting distribution functionality at the forefront of our solution, we’re giving customers like A.M.G. Medical the functionality they need to leverage a digital platform for business health and growth.”