Agility in response to uncertainty is the key for UK business competitiveness

The recent news from the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report that Britain had slipped to 9th place, from 8th place in 2018, highlights the need for more to be done to support business functionality and digital competitiveness.

According to Martin Ford, President UK and Ireland Region at GTT, British businesses can still prepare for the future and improve both productivity and competitiveness by adopting evolving technology trends and solutions.

“The pace of technological change is creating new opportunities as well as driving disruption. Whilst businesses cannot predict the future, they can prepare for it.

 To deliver on the promise of digital business, organisations need a reliable and secure network foundation that support this mission. This means re-architecting traditional network solutions to ensure traffic takes the most direct, low latency path to support business critical applications.

 Whether it’s connecting cloud-based digital services to customers, facilitating in-store transactions or supporting back-office operations, the successful performance of networks is now the backbone of rapid technological change and expanding into new markets. 

 Agility in response to uncertainty is the key for UK businesses competitiveness. ”



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