Amazon first fashion store – shopping just got easier


Amazon continues to push innovation to new bounds as it announces its first-ever clothes store.

Consumer expectations have changed and their reliance on technology has never been higher. Amazon continues to display well-timed responses to these ever-changing expectations, and this is what we expect to see from retailers going forward. Technology is evolving, and the introduction of the Metaverse has created demand from consumers who expect more from their experiences.

Now more than ever, retailers need to bring the value of online, in-store. This blend of digital and physical involves putting the essential product information in the hands of the customer. This is one area which can drive engagement with shoppers who can use their own mobile phones to scan product barcodes which can reveal an augmented reality overlay unveiling relevant data to make informed purchasing decisions.

Bringing the digital experience in-store helps improve customer engagement and increases upsell opportunities – all without requiring any staff interaction. Their in-store experience is quick, smooth and minimises touch points, boosting consumer confidence.