Amber Beverage Group invests EUR 15.5 million in automated warehouse equipment from Jungheinrich


Global spirits company Amber Beverage Group (ABG) has signed an agreement with Jungheinrich, the world’s leading manufacturer of warehousing equipment, to purchase EUR 15.5 million worth of equipment needed to build ABG’s automated high-bay warehouse in the Latvian capital Riga.

“It is very important for us to ensure efficient cargo and pallet management for our partners in over 185 countries and to maintain the development speed of investment projects characteristic of our company,” comments Jekaterina Stuģe, CEO of Amber Beverage Group. “The biggest part of our investment will be in high-tech equipment for our new warehousing, once again confirming Amber Beverage Group’s ambitious plans to become one of the ten most influential and modern spirits industry players globally,” says Jekaterina Stuģe.

“We are pleased that a logistics automation project of such scale will be implemented by ABG. Due to its size, complexity and level of automation, this project is significant on a Baltic level and also throughout Europe. We will install modern pallet and small goods stacking cranes, pallet and small goods conveyors, Pick-By-Light and Put-By-Light automatic picking systems and fully automated loaders, and will connect them with a powerful warehouse management system,” comments Māris Supe, Sales Manager at Jungheinrich Lift Truck in the Baltics.

Steve Richmond, Director of Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK adds: “As automation becomes an increasingly important component of logistics operations, we are delighted to be working with ABG to support the build of its automated high-bay warehouse. With the installation of such a complex and integrated automation project, AGB will have a fully optimised warehouse designed for maximum capacity and efficiency. We are looking forward to our ongoing collaboration with AGB and to supporting its continued growth.”

The project is being implemented in cooperation with AI ENGINEERING specialists, with ABG investing over EUR 33 million in the project. In the first stage of construction, more than 24,000 square meters will be converted into automated warehouse order storage, assembly and issuance areas, as well as the administrative area.

The high-bay area of the automated warehouse does not require the presence of employees and all processes will be automated. The total height of the warehouse will reach 24 meters, where pallets will be placed on top of each other on shelves over nine floors. The company’s current warehouse capacity is 25,000 pallet sites, while the new warehouse will be able to store 35,000 pallets at a time, expanding the warehouse capacity to 45,000 pallet sites if necessary. With the establishment of the new warehouse, the three existing Amber Beverage Group warehouses will be merged and the planned flow of the new warehouse will reach 360,000 processed pallets or approximately 33,000 TEU per year.

Amber Beverage Group is a rapidly growing spirits company whose products are found in millions of households across the globe. It is a leading beverage producer, distributor, logistics provider and retailer, with over 600 brands spanning everything from premium vodka and sparkling wines to specialty Mexican tequilas. The company has grown from its original core production business established in 1900 to become a global spirits industry player that unites 2,000 employees in almost 20 companies in the Baltic States, Austria, Australia, Russia, Mexico and the United Kingdom.