American Group Brokerage Uses “Decision Intelligence” to Temper Shipping Disruptions


American Group is more than familiar with the “Age of Disruption.” The Arizona-based brokerage delivers LTL, FTL, LCL, FCL, intermodal/rail, international, domestic, ocean, air, and expedited shipping for its nationwide customer base, and the last three years have been an adventure across every single one of those transportation modes.

This experience taught them that—the sooner they received intelligence of a disruption, and its potential impact—the sooner they could make a decision to mitigate it. So they invested in Decision Intelligence.

Third Axiom’s Axiom-One decision intelligence platform connects with American Group’s Tai TMS and the shipper’s other existing systems to extract transportation data and provide actionable insights for better operational decision-making when disruptions happen.

As well, the platform helps American Group an in-depth look at its entire business, modeling each action as a set of processes, using intelligence and analytics to inform, learn from, and refine decisions.

“The Axiom-One dashboard gives us visibility into our entire operation in a matter of minutes,” said John Benisek, Director of Business Development. “The platform helps us see how and why we’re successful in any given time period– what modes which customers prefer, which carriers are the highest rated, what margins we’re making and most importantly, how a customer’s business looks today versus three months ago based upon the transportation mode.”

For instance, Axiom-One enables American Group to Fine-tune predictions–and rates–using 3rd-party data sources for lane averages, market conditions, and weather—which is especially important during summer hurricane seasons and the icy winter months.

“The intricate data that Third Axiom provides has already helped us determine areas of opportunity,” continued Benisek. “For instance, the data recently showed us that truckload has become an increasingly large percentage of our business, and now we can plan immediately to meet those needs.”

Axiom-One enables transportation professionals to communicate data-driven insights and AI-generated transportation recommendations quicker and easier.  The platform was built by Third Axiom specifically for transportation companies like American Group, that need solutions tailored to meet the needs of a specific customer, department or user without IT involvement.