Apliqo launches two new software solutions


Apliqo AG is launching two innovative extensions of its product range onto the market. With the redesigned Version 2.0 of Apliqo UX and the launch of the Apliqo C&C (financial consolidation and close) solution, the software company based in Zurich is targeting additional customer segments and setting another milestone on its successful expansion course.

Apliqo UX is a web-based front-end application for IBM Planning Analytics (formerly known as TM1.) With Apliqo UX offers a modern web-based interface for IBM Planning Analytics that is geared towards enabling company wide, easy to use applications with a high level of user acceptance. The new features of Apliqo UX Version 2.0 make it even easier to create reporting, analysis and planning templates that can be introduced by any user in the company with just a few clicks. The intuitive user interface has been pepped up and given a customizable look and feel to create a user friendly experience thanks to a navigation panel that can be configured for individual requirements. Above all, Apliqo UX 2.0 also stands out for its fast and straightforward installation. Within a couple of hours, the application can be implemented in any existing or new IBM Planning Analytics application and immediately used to make quicker and more precise decisions based on interactive reports and analyses. “Apliqo UX is the perfect solution for all CFOs, controllers and decision-makers who want to breathe new life into their existing reporting and planning processes. Thanks to our application, there is finally enough time to strategically manage the company and actively shape its future, instead of grappling with outdated processes and tools,” says Daniele Tedesco, CEO of Apliqo AG.

New: Apliqo C&C (Financial Consolidation & Close)
A completely new addition to Apliqo’s product portfolio is Apliqo C&C, an extension to the well established UPM Suite that uses Apliqo UX as a front end tool just like all applications in this product family. Apliqo C&C is an application in the field of Unified Performance Management and geared towards the legally required reporting and disclosure management – or towards consolidated financial statements and financial consolidation. Thanks to a centralized data source and flexible data processing, financial statements can be drawn up significantly quicker and easier than with conventional applications. Apliqo C&C reduces the complexity of the financial consolidation process, gives finance managers more time for the financial statements and eliminates error-prone processes. The application allows a high degree of automation, process-controlled workflows as well as stringent controls and detailed audit trails in order to modernize conventional Group consolidation approaches. Predefined best-practice workflow processes give employees greater security, so that this Apliqo application can also be used efficiently without any IT skills. It is possible to master complexity with Apliqo C&C, so that the financial statements and reporting process is accelerated across all business units.