APS launches itson batteries for young & urban demographic


Advanced Power Solutions (APS) introduces itson batteries, targeting a younger demographic and reshaping the landscape of the mobile energy industry. With a focus on local production and renewable energy, itson is not just a battery. It’s a lifestyle choice for the environmentally conscious, aligning with the evolving preferences of today’s consumers.

Embracing a conscious lifestyle is no longer just a trend, but a fundamental choice for many. Especially among the younger, urban demographic. This conscious living involves actively seeking ways to reduce environmental impact, such as local shopping, minimising car usage, and avoiding plastics.

Despite batteries being an integral part of our daily lives, finding eco-friendly options has been challenging. Enter itson batteries: “From everyday household applications to on-the-go products like hearing aids, headphones, and cameras, batteries can now support a more sustainable lifestyle,” says Izabela Blaszczyk-Janicka, Marketing Director at APS.

A conscious choice

As part of the brand’s sustainability efforts, both its alkaline and hearing aid batteries are crafted and sourced within the EU. While many batteries rely on resources from across the globe, the brand’s commitment to local production significantly shortens the supply chain, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.

“This is a meaningful step forward in our industry’s journey toward sustainability. By keeping production and distribution within the EU, we cut our supply chain length, resulting in up to three times fewer CO2 emissions than transcontinental supply chains,*” states Sebastian Schulte, Sustainability Manager at APS.

In addition to a shorter supply chain, the brand emphasises the use of renewable energy in its battery production. itson’s alkaline batteries are manufactured using 100% renewable energy, sourced from solar and wind power. Following the same principle, itson’s rechargeable batteries are pre-charged with solar energy.

Simplifying decision-making

Besides its sustainable initiatives, the brand strives for simplicity. itson offers a focused and lean product range of alkaline, rechargeable and specialty batteries, presenting consumers with two distinct options: batteries for low- to mid-drain or high-drain devices, emphasising functionality over unnecessary complexity. The packaging of these two options employs simple language and practical use cases to further simplify consumers’ decision-making.

A vibrant approach to sustainable living

With sustainability as one of the brand’s primary differentiators, itson sets itself further apart from other mobile energy brands by incorporating vibrant colours and engaging communication, making the products stand out on the shelves among other brands. This deliberate choice is rooted in their commitment to visual storytelling: “Our core audience, predominantly young and urban, inspired a playful and bold communication style, aligning with their positive impact mindset,” explains Blaszczyk-Janicka.

The brand’s tone of voice, characterised by positivity and fun, reflects itson’s belief that sustainability and excitement can go hand in hand. This way, it seeks to inspire not only consumers, but all industry stakeholders. “We feel that the battery market hasn’t changed much in the past decades. We hope that our choices inspire the industry to innovate and rethink their ecological footprint.” With a clear vision of encouraging positive change, itson is determined to reshape the landscape of the mobile energy industry.