Asda achieves shrink visibility with innovative offering from Tyco Retail Solutions


Tyco Retail Solutions today announced its Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service (SMaaS) is delivering clear visibility into Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and loss prevention systems for all 642 Asda stores in the UK. For the first time a UK retailer has a fully connected estate and a browser-based, real-time view of its entire shrink management ecosystem, enabling increased reliability and performance of EAS systems for a new generation of innovative loss prevention.

Sensormatic SMaaS is a Google Cloud-based service that provides both device management and predictive analytics to manage shrink while addressing underlying root causes. With easy to navigate dashboards, it helps makes sense of the data enabling retailers to identify problems earlier and make better business decisions.

The SMaaS implementation with Asda is part of a wider five-year strategy that one of Britain’s leading retailers is carrying out with Tyco Retail Solutions to refresh its EAS solutions and tagging eco-system, as well as drive meaningful alarm action at the store level. Using SMaaS, Asda’s loss prevention professionals receive real-time, exception-based, automatic notifications to help identify serious issues that need immediate attention. By taking preventative measures, Asda can begin to streamline operations and help ensure their investments are futureproofed, through initiatives focusing on centralised management processes, optimising store labour and possible training gaps.

“Building upon our EAS foundation, we now have new insights and centralised management which provides efficiencies with our EAS equipment, allowing us to refocus our efforts and more proactively manage our estate in real-time across 642 stores. The true benefit will be realised when we can act predictively to support our stores with this new level of visibility SMaaS delivers,” said Andrew Rees, senior manager, asset protection, Asda.

“Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service delivers actionable intelligence for operations and merchandising,” said Catherine Walsh, senior vice president and general manager, Tyco Retail Solutions. “By examining this data, Asda is now in a better position to understand the potential impact on shrink, and make effective data-driven decisions that will positively influence bottom-line results.”

Sensormatic Shrink Management as a Service provides a clear picture of store operations across individual stores, districts, regions and even enterprise-wide to isolate data and compare performance metrics. For example, the organised retail crime (ORC) map gives retailers insights into ORC activity in a specific geographic area, taking into account metal-foil and jammer detection alarms. It identifies groups of stores experiencing the same ORC event, empowering retailers with analytics for proactive decision making and preventative measures.

This innovative service also helps lower shrink with better equipment uptime. By minimising downtime, loss prevention professionals can spend less time managing systems and devices, and dedicate more time and resources to improving store performance and customer service.

You can learn more about the Sensormatic SMaaS, here.