ASOS increases sales by 60%, success lies in CX


ASOS’ UK sales have been increasing 60% over the past four months.

Brian Atkinson considers why it’s one of the few winners over the past 12 months – increasing promotional activity at the right time, reinventing itself by expanding its brand portfolio, listening to what customers want, and how, through different channels:

“With UK sales increasing 60%, and a growth of active customers by 1.2million, ASOS is one of the few winners over the last 12 months. The retailer remains resilient despite global supply chain disruption and continued social restrictions, where others have fallen at the wayside.

“One thing it’s got right is increasing promotional activity, especially during times of real uncertainty from COVID. ASOS also continues to reinvent itself and attract new customers given its huge portfolio of brands, which it continues to add to and change up – the most high-profile being the recent acquisition of Topshop.

“But ASOS’ success can be attributed to one thing. It puts the customer at the heart of everything it does. Every innovation, price point or new brand is all because they listen to their customers, they understand them and consistently give them what they want. No matter what channel customers are using, be that the app or website, ASOS offers such great customer experience that very few retailers can compete.”