Atheon Analytics announces SKUtrak Developer: custom visual data analytics service package for UK grocery retail suppliers


SKUtrak® Developer unlocks advanced business insight by combining retailer and supplier data sources delivered through best-practice visual analytics

Cranfield, UK – Atheon Analytics, the UK grocery data analytics specialist, announces SKUtrak Developer, a collaborative service package that is designed to help UK grocery suppliers achieve interactive, visual and actionable insight into business performance. By teaching grocery specialists how to combine their existing retailer ePoS data with any additional data sources, such as: cost-price, margin, promotions, weather or factory production data, SKUtrak Developer allows grocery suppliers to address their own unique business-specific challenges and present findings in a highly accessible and easy to understand format.

SKUtrak Developer is a range of professional services packages that augment Atheon’s SKUtrak flow-of-goods analytics platform and allow grocery suppliers to produce world-class custom analytics to extend the value of data in their organisation. The Developer initiative makes the Atheon data consultancy team’s expertise in visual analytics available to UK grocery suppliers through a comprehensive education, advisory and development programme, providing them with the tools and knowledge to create powerful Tableau visual analytics content.

Guy Cuthbert, CEO, Atheon Analytics, comments: “Our ethos at Atheon is to humanise data: to make it easy to understand and communicate lessons learned from exploring data. Our early SKUtrak Developer customers have worked with us to blend curated SKUtrak data with internal and external datasets to gain new insights on promotional performance, shopper behaviour and margin management. This highlights the huge opportunity we have to put the power of world-class visual analytics into suppliers’ own hands to improve decision-making with their retail customers, maximising revenues and minimising waste.”

He continues, “So many organisations innately know what problems they are trying to solve, but simply have neither the time nor resource to pull all the data together and make it communicable and easy to understand. Visual analytics, through SKUtrak Developer, changes this.”