Augustin Group reaches zero error rate in order picking with Zetes


The Augustin Group, a leading specialist automotive spare parts supplier to wholesalers and garage workshops, has worked closely with Zetes to transform productivity, accuracy and inventory visibility at its warehouse facilities in Germany. In order to maximise parts availability for its European wide customer base it has invested in modernising critical warehouse processes using Zetes’ logistics execution solution ZetesMedea. Managing more than 40,000 line items, it has streamlined every critical warehouse process, from goods receiving through to order picking and final dispatch to its customers.

Prior to implementing the ZetesMedea solution, warehouse processes were heavily paper-based and error prone. As a fast-growing business, with hundreds of daily incoming orders being received across three warehouses, the company decided to invest in safeguarding future productivity and preserve customer service excellence. A new Warehouse Execution System (WES) was implemented to exchange order and inventory data with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This was further optimised with the integration to ZetesMedea to mobilise the warehouse activities and gain much greater control, productivity and order fulfilment accuracy.

On the warehouse floor, staff are now equipped with the latest mobile devices running the ZetesMedea application. In addition to being designed for user friendliness and fast on-boarding of new staff, it enables clear step-by-step guidance for every process to be undertaken. To achieve optimum accuracy and inventory visibility, critical event and product data is now captured in real-time and exchanged with the WES and ERP. Furthermore, activities and journeys of the warehouse operators throughout the warehouse are captured to enable continuous performance monitoring and improvement.

Daniel Weger, Purchasing Manager at the Augustin Group comments: “As a result of implementing ZetesMedea, we have significantly increased the speed of our processes, particularly with goods received, where productivity has increased by 300%. The accuracy of our inventory has also improved and with a clearly structured and seamlessly documented procedure, the error rate in order picking is virtually zero”.

The full case study can be read here.