Automotive Innovator Achieves Operational Improvements with Infor ERP


Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that Raval, an innovator in flow control solutions for the global automotive industry, has completed a deployment of an Infor M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This solution will serve more than 150 corporate users across four manufacturing and distribution centers in Israel, Luxembourg, China and the US. The project was managed by Infor partner Intentia Israel.

Raval is involved in the design, development, manufacture and sale of plastic components systems and assemblies used in vehicles including fuel ventilation, flashlights for sprinklers and braking systems.

The Infor M3 deployment has helped add significant improvements to Raval’s operational processes, including user interface improvements, cardboard packaging management, order pickup processes and adjustments to numerous tax and regulatory requirements needed for its international operations.

Zachy Abraham, Intentia Israel’s senior project manager, said: “In consultation with our team, Raval chose the latest release of Infor M3 version13.4. During the project, we chose to stick to the best practice business processes in Infor M3 and embed smart solutions in the user interface. This move will make dozens of adjustments and result in tremendous savings in maintenance resources, giving Raval an operational solution at the corporate level.”

The implementation project, which was carried out by Intentia Israel in collaboration with Raval’s information systems department, lasted just several months. Infor M3 went live simultaneously at all the company’s locations around the world, while adhering to schedules and in a transparent manner, without interrupting the company’s day-to-day operations and giving full operational independence to Raval.

Later Raval intends to embed the Infor OS (operating services) platform, enabling the management of all solutions and tools under one environment. Also, Infor Factory Track, which will help provide transparency and tracking of production and time in the production line for insights on costs, production cycles, supply time and ability to meet customer requirements.

Dedi Angel, chief operating officer at Intentia, said: “Raval joins a number of leading industry organizations that have implemented Infor M3, and we are proud to help the company achieve its business goals.”

Infor M3 is widely used globally in various industrial sectors especially fashion, food & beverage, metal, plastics and packaging. It includes comprehensive knowledge gathered from the world’s leading companies and capabilities for managing and planning production, raw material procurement, regulatory compliance, full supply chain visibility, production from one to the next, and financial management.