Barnes Coaches turn 100 as TruTac CPT software keeps compliance control


Swindon based PSV operator and CPT member, Barnes Coaches, reports improvements in compliance control and overall efficiency since the installation of software management tools from transport compliance experts, TruTac.

Developed by TruTac in partnership with the Confederation of Passenger Transport, the CPT Tacho Analysis software package includes complete web-based digital and analogue tachograph analysis, supporting EU and GB domestic drivers’ hours rules – specifically for PSV drivers (including Working Time Directive regulations).

The intuitive cloud-based system used by Barnes includes TruTac’s CPT Tacho Analysis, CPT Daily Checks, CPT Licence Checks and TruTime. The combination of these modular systems provides Barnes Coaches with instant access to clear and concise compliance data, including manager and driver dashboards with KPI reporting.

For driver debriefing, the infringement debrief module can be linked to training and disciplinary issues, while drivers can log on to their own area of the system via an app or PC to review their duties, daily rest status, earliest next duty-start and other compliance data.

With 40 coaches in the fleet and utilisation on the rise since the recent easing of Coronavirus restrictions, Barnes need to monitor every vehicle for defects so that corrective action can quickly be taken, and downtime kept to a minimum.

“This is where CPT Daily Checks proves to be very effective.” Comments Director, Matt Barnes. “Our drivers always pre-check the vehicle in their charge before setting off and that’s a given. However, before we introduced the software, it was not always possible to accurately record and cross-check any defect observations in a way which provided a solid audit trail and ongoing input from the engineering department to advise re any necessary action.”

Now, using the Daily Checks module with CPT-approved templates, Barnes’ drivers can carry out inspections for all checks and from their mobile app, submit instant results, including photos and detailed notes to the Engineering Manager for immediate review and rectification. Furthermore, drivers now have full visibility of their working-time, infringements and tachograph data.

“The system is paperless and secure” adds Matt, “and also, if any of our drivers should get pulled over by the DVSA, they can provide an instant audit trail to verify checks and procedures pertaining to their vehicle. This not only saves time on the road but also cuts time in the office too.”

While following government guidelines concerning social distancing and the use of PPE, Barnes Coaches also note that CPT Daily Checks complies with all regulations and DVSA guidance on inspections and service maintenance records for compliance control. Templates can also be added for checklists of PPE equipment, signage and any other items required.

Barnes Coaches also benefit from the CPT Licence Checks module, which enables the company to make instant verification and validity checks online, and to look for current endorsements and entitlement to drive. As with the other modules, Licence Checks fully integrates with all TruTac products and dashboards.

“Also, for monitoring and recording everyone’s clocking-in and start times we are using TruTac’s TruTime.” Adds Matt. “For example, this keeps a close eye on WTD (Working Time Directive) stipulations and makes sure that the permitted 15-minute interlude is not exceeded.”

The web-based time, attendance and HR clocking system analyses and manages all employee attendance using digital tachograph driver cards or employee smart cards and provides clocked-time versus tacho data.

“Furthermore,” says Matt “the TruTime module records all ‘lead in’ and ‘lead out’, giving valuable data if drivers incorrectly enter EDR/SDR – which adds to providing a complete working time directive solution. Plus, the system supports our duty of care and H&S obligations, including HR data such as absences, holidays and other personal information.”

Now in their 100th year, Barnes Coaches are understood to be the largest and most modern coach operator in the Swindon area. The company operates a full range of vehicles from 8 to 100 seats and can cater for any requirement including coach hire, UK and continental holidays, day trips, theatres and concerts.

The family-run concern is also accredited with Earned Recognition – the DVSA scheme which, through an agreed self-monitoring process and by sharing data with the DVSA, certifies that the operation meets required driver and vehicle standards. Apart from anything else says Matt Barnes, this reduces the chances of being stopped at the roadside for DVSA inspections.