Basic questions for a student on job interviews


Job interviews are always a lot of stress for a student, but some rules will help you get through this stage successfully and prove yourself on your best side.

 Job Interview Questions and Answers for Students 

Coming to the job interview, every student worries that their employer will not be interested in their candidacy. This is because students have no work experience and young age causes a lot of doubts. Still, even a young professional can successfully pass the interview and demonstrate professionalism by correctly answering the questions asked. Making a good impression on an employer is much easier than it seems. It is only important to prepare well for the interview. You should relax, which is why you need to buy an essay online and free your time from writing, and think through each answer to characterize you in the best way. Below we will tell you what questions you may be asked and how to answer them correctly, and what mistakes you should avoid, so that your interview will result in the happy announcement that you have been hired for your dream job.

So what are some of the questions at a job interview? 

There are several basic directions in which an employer will interview you. Basically, they are all about your ability to cope, show your professionalism, and navigate the situation.

  1. Behavioral type questions

These are the types of questions that aim to determine the student’s level of responsibility, work experience, and willingness to perform their duties well. In general, the student is asked to talk about a case from his or her work when he or she had to complete a project within a limited deadline. The employer is interested in your behavioral assessment because, based on it, he will appreciate your potential and determine what kind of employee you will be.  To successfully answer a block of behavioral questions, we recommend using the STAR methodology. You need to recall an occasion when you were successful at your job and demonstrated excellent performance. It is better to prepare for this question in advance and remember all your successes. This can include achievements in your student activities, such as completing certain projects, volunteering, internships, etc.

Examples of interview questions:

– Have you ever blown a deadline?

– What methods did you use to meet the deadline?


  1. Situational type questions

This type of question seeks to determine the student’s reactions in each situation. You will be presented with a specific situation, and you will need to answer how you would act. This allows you to assess your potential as a professional and better understand your approach to work. In such questions, it is advisable to refer to your own experience, giving examples of situations when you found yourself in similar circumstances but successfully coped with all difficulties. This will increase your credibility and professionalism in the eyes of the employer. Preferably, your experience should be closely related to the position you are applying for, so you have a better chance of success.

Examples of interview questions:

– How would you act if your deadline was limited?

– What challenges did you face in this job? How did you find a way out?


  1. Questions about you

Most often, these are questions about your education, continuing education, work experience, and strengths, and additional skills needed in the job. To answer these questions as fully and completely as possible, prepare in advance your resume and cover letter, in which you should carefully describe all aspects related to your professional and personal characteristics.

Examples of interview questions:

– What is your personal motivation for this position?

– What are your passions?

– What kind of job do you want to get?


  1. Questions about the company

Basically, these questions allow you to determine if you are a good fit for the position offered. To successfully answer them, you need to study in advance the company’s concept, familiarize yourself with the main directions in which it operates, and think about what your characteristics are best suited for it.

Examples of interview questions:

– Why are you interested in this position?

– The ideal boss for you, what are they like?

– What attracted you to this field?


How to make your answers successful

Above all, emphasize your education as well as your experience. Even if it was volunteer work or an internship, it is still worth mentioning. Say that you are committed to continual development in your field. If you are taking additional training, show your certificates and diplomas. Tell about your strengths, give an example of a particular case when you successfully coped with the task. The main thing is to behave confidently, answer the questions honestly and not try to seem better than you are. The employer will always detect insincerity in your words. Remember that combining work and study can be very energy-intensive, but you can always buy cheap essay and keep calm while doing your pleasure things. Professional writers will help you with your written assignment. And you will have time to prepare for your job interview.