Basware Accelerates Partner Program, Focuses on Bolstered, Multi-Pronged Onboarding Program


With plans to onboard 15-20 new partners worldwide in 2021, Basware (Nasdaq: BAS1V) will more than double its trained resources to meet the demand for Basware implementations. Basware piloted a new, expanded Onboarding Program in 2020 that yielded excellent results measured by customer satisfaction, time-to-value, and Basware best practices. This year the company will focus on the four-phase program – specifically designed to be cognizant of partners’ time; flexible; virtual; hands-on and continuous – as an essential pillar of partnership success.

“This year we are moving full-steam ahead with our partner-led strategy, a strategy that introduces the partner and their services earlier in the sales process,” states Sean Delaney, Vice President of Global Alliances, Basware. “We’re going to lead the sales conversations with partners involved in the deals because we recognize that working shoulder to shoulder with them during this stage means winning together more often. Our more robust Onboarding Program is integral to this strategy because we want our partners to feel that they have everything that they need to be successful and are able to more quickly deliver better outcomes for our customers, which will ultimately create more growth for all parties.”

The Basware Onboarding Program is comprised of four phases: training; shadowing; implementation and certification. To safeguard the quality of Basware solutions, the program is mandatory for all partners, yet always tailored to their needs. The customization allows those who have more experience to run through the process quickly, enhancing time-to-value for the customer.

With partners worldwide, the Onboarding Program supports a 100% remote training setup, including live virtual classroom training modules, all of which they may complete at their own pace. Following the trainings, partners are given the opportunity to shadow a live project with Basware experts. Then, on a partner’s first implementation, they receive support from the Basware partner services desk. It’s at this time that the partner can truly start executing (billable) activities. Several partners have run 90% of the implementation on their own, with minimal help from the partner services desk, underscoring the powerful and agile approach of the model.

Quality assurance is a fundamental part of the onboarding. As such, certifications are determined based on customer satisfaction, time-to-value, and Basware best practices during this phase. If needed, Basware encourages partners to complete additional implementation projects to make sure they feel prepared to branch out. Additionally, Basware keeps partners apprised of system updates and developments.

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