BCN3D announces a new partnership with Shree Rapid Technologies in India


Shree Rapid Technologies one of the largest 3D Printing and 3D Scanning solutions providers in India announced the partnership with the Barcelona-based 3D Printer manufacturer BCN3D. A partnership that will help manufacturers drive innovation, double productivity, cut costs and streamline workflows with the advanced 3D Printing technologies from BCN3D.

BCN3D has been at the forefront of developing technologies to help innovators materialize their ideas by providing a platform for creation. With their exclusive IDEX technology-based (Independent Dual Extruder) FFF 3D Printer BCN3D has been able to double productivity reducing the cost, and helping manufacturers grow their business exponentially.

With the backing of multiple decades of 3D Printing experience, SRT saw a synergy with BCN3D in growing the Indian Additive Manufacturing industry, by providing a technology that would catapult the manufacturers into the future of AM.

Mr. Nitin Chaudhari, Partner Shree Rapid Technologies said:

“SRT decided to partner with BCN3D for several reasons. As a leading 3D Printing solution provider in the Indian market, after a very careful detailed analysis of the various options in the market, BCN3D was our obvious choice for offering their professional Desktop 3D Printing solutions in India. With BCN3D being the pioneer of the IDEX technology in Desktop 3D Printing, we are sure that we partner with one of the top leaders in Desktop 3D Printing in the market.  BCN3D being trusted brand globally with Engineering, Automobile & Consumer goods industry, as well as Service Bureau market, we can offer an industrial professional desktop 3D printing in India now.”

As BCN3D’s CEO, Xavier Martínez Faneca expressed excitement about the collaboration with SRT:

“It is an honor for BCN3D to partner with SRT, and I am confident their team in India will provide quality service to our customers. This is yet another example of BCN3D’s rapid growth through expanding its Global Partner Network”