BCN3D strengthens ties in North America with a new logistics center & local team to boost growth in 2022


Today, leading 3D printing solutions manufacturer BCN3D, announced its expansion to North America with a new logistics center in New Jersey, the first of its kind for the company outside of its headquarters in Gavá, Barcelona, alongside a newly appointed Channel Sales Manager. This follows the momentum of an eventful four months in BCN3D’s calendar, with the purchase of AstroPrint, launch of its new Cloud software and presentation of its new Metal Pack at Formnext in Frankfurt, featuring all the tools necessary to make affordable stainless steel 3D printing a reality.

This is a step in the right direction for BCN3D, which has partly made the decision based on its significant growth seen in North America in recent years. This local expansion will offer better services with a faster response to the needs of its customers in North America.

As the most efficient shipping route from BCN3D’s headquarters in Barcelona, it provides BCN3D with much more agility for order deliveries in North America by eliminating product transits and instead servicing from US soil. The new logistics center represents a strong commitment to environmental sustainability by handing an increased number of shipments to a greater number of customers.

The establishment of this centralized hub in North America will strengthen ties with current BCN3D partners – Matterhackers, Dynamism, Shop3D, and 3D Platform – and fulfil the needs being put forward by industries including automotive, engineering and manufacturing. Channel Sales Manager Kevin Billett and an accompanying team will build upon relationships with North American resellers and lead the expansion of BCN3D throughout the region.

“Our expansion to the US is an important milestone for BCN3D, as it indicates that the company is now fully capable of meeting the needs and demands of BCN3D partners and customers in the region. The new center in New Jersey will offer great business opportunities there from 2022 onwards, enhance our relationship with customers, and represent BCN3D’s commitment to environmental sustainability as we consolidate larger shipments for more customers with a logistics hub closer to them in North America.”.- BCN3D CEO, Xavier Martínez Faneca.