Bitcoin Basics: A Mini-Guide ForThe Complete Newbies


Bitcoin is a very intriguing topic and it involves a lot of research and groundwork before you can invest in them. But that should not put you off or scare you away from Future of Cryptocurrencies. Having everything right will help you to invest in Bitcoins without any fear.

How to Get Started with Bitcoin: A Mini Guide for Beginners

If you are one of those keen on having an investment portfolio that includes Bitcoins then here are a few things that you first must know. You will first have to have:

  • Register an account with any one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges
  • You must have all your documents and information ready for the KYC formalities
  • Have a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Set that wallet up
  • Your internet connection should be very fast and steady

A Mini Guide for Those Who Don’t Know Anything About Bitcoin

Just dreaming of owning and trading in Bitcoins is not enough. Start from the beginning by getting everything right. You first have to get yourself enrolled with a cryptocurrency exchange which will be able to give you that start. You can have them on your smartphone which allows you to get in and out on the go. And crypto exchanges allow the investor to store their crypto on their mobiles or their computers.

Download the app and get it connected to your bank account.  Immediately then you can begin trading. But just a note of caution here, you have to be extremely careful because a small addiction could lead to a bigger one which may make you bolder. The bolder you get the riskier the trade becomes and it is then you throw all caution to the wind and then start losing heavily all your money.

And it is very important to note here that you may not have to start with one whole Bitcoin here. You can start with slivers of it. Gradually as you get used to it you can start increasing your investment. Also, it makes you more of an expert who is easily able to manage all his Bitcoins. But again take note while on this point that you can also trade with Bitcoins with the help of an app. It is called The Crypto Geniusplatform was created to provide you all the assistance and support while trading. This automated software ensures that you trade in cryptos hassle-free, which is equally safe and secure for you.

Where To Place Your Digital Currency?

Ah, yes, this is one very important aspect that you cannot miss out on. When you buy Bitcoins you have to know also where to place your Bitcoins for safe keeping and safe custody. You can store your crypto assets in both the cold and hot wallets. They will be safe.

A cold wallet is a hardware-based digital wallet that is considered to be safer. Here there are no chances of your assets getting hacked because it is not connected to the internet. It comes with different layers of security. The hot wallet is a software-based wallet that is connected to the internet and is in the form of an app.

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Crypto Exchanges

To start your trade in Bitcoins you must first get registered with a crypto exchange and here are the names of a few exchanges that you might consider reliable. They are:

  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Gemini
  • eToro

Important Points To Consider When Trading In Bitcoins

When you choose your strategy carefully you can consider half your job to be done. But the advice here is that if you buy your Bitcoins and hold on to them till the time is favourable. Unwanted losses can be prevented. And while you are planning on Bitcoins, make sure that only a small percentage of your earnings is invested in it.

When planning to get started with Bitcoin investment, it is advised toinvest only 5% of your income or net worth. Another useful strategy is to buy Bitcoins bit by bit spread out over every week of the year so that you can very gradually build your Bitcoin empire without feeling the pinch of it.


All said and done, if you follow all the guidelines regarding Bitcoins then can be no chance of you going wrong anywhere. Be very careful with your investments and follow the strategy that you build after thorough groundwork.