BLACK FRIDAY ‘deals’ could cause customer fatigue


Peak discount timings, although great, can become exhausting. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and all the festivities before and after, the markets may become an all-out war of outpricing competitors and/or previous cheaper deals. This may lead to customer fatigue, which could divert shoppers to other, more strategic brands.

It’s important for retailers to have their discount deals for a reason and with a good return on investment. Lowering prices to conform to the ‘expectations’ the discount season brings may lead to consumer distrust. If brands continuously offer cheaper deals, day after day, the products and services can be seen as low value/quality.

Amid economic uncertainty, customer loyalty is what will bring brand success in the long run. Understanding audiences and delivering on their expectations is infinitely more invaluable than simply following the herd of ‘low and lower prices’. For brands, loyalty generates much more value than successful Black Fridays followed by quiet months.