Blue Yonder Customers Accelerate to Cloud


Blue Yonder today announced velocity on its pivot to SaaS and subsequent cloud transformation at its global CloudCon event. For more than a decade, Blue Yonder has been helping customers migrate their supply chain applications to the cloud, which has helped customers accelerate growth opportunities, strengthen resilience and achieve the end-to-end visibility and control they need to prevent supply chain disruptions.

“I am proud to announce that we have had the largest number of go-lives in 3Q 2020 compared to the previous three years, up 29% from the same quarter in 2019,” said Salil Joshi, Executive Vice President, Customer Success, Blue Yonder. “Our Customer Success team has worked hard to make the time to value a reality for our customers. We are looking forward to continuing this momentum going into Q4 and with a goal to achieve a 120- to 150-day time to value for customers via their go live.”

Blue Yonder has been focused on bringing its customers to the cloud. The company has a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build SaaS solutions on the market-leading Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Customers who transition to cloud-based solutions can harness multiple benefits starting with increased agility and speed, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to help with real-time visibility and intelligent, autonomous decision-making.

Earlier this month, Blue Yonder celebrated delivering its one trillionth prediction for customers using the power of AI/ML.

Powered by its cloud-powered solutions, in September 2020 alone, Blue Yonder:

• Fulfilled 360.5 million items via its fulfillment solution

• Forecasted 562 million items with its demand solution

• Managed 4.3 million shipments via its transportation management solution

• Helped 2.5 million employees manage their schedules via its workforce management solution

• Managed 7.77 million order lines via its warehouse management solution

• Created 3.75 million planograms via its category management solution

Blue Yonder’s SaaS results for Q3 were driven by acceleration in the company’s transformation to a SaaS and subscription-based business model. SaaS annual recurring revenue (ARR) for Q3 2020 was $295 million compared to $180 million in Q3 2019, and $257 million in Q2 2020. SaaS net revenue retention (NRR) rate in Q3 was 120%, compared to 119% in Q3 2019 and 122% in Q2 20201. Successful customer adoption of Blue Yonder’s cloud powered solutions coupled with the company’s pivot to a SaaS model continues to propel the company’s financial results.

Companies looking to understand the benefits of accelerating their move to the cloud are invited to join Blue Yonder’s CloudCon, a one-day virtual conference happening today. Attendees will hear from industry leaders such as Julie Sweet, CEO, from Accenture and Scott Guthrie, EVP Cloud & AI Group, from Microsoft. Over a dozen Blue Yonder customers will also speak about their cloud journey including Carlsberg, Hema, HERBL, Hilti, Lululemon, Penske Logistics, PepsiCo, Petco, and more.

The half-day event features two tracks: Migrate and Transform. The Migrate track is designed to provide companies with the blueprint needed to efficiently and effectively migrate their existing environment to the cloud. The Transform track will help companies learn how to build a more resilient, effective and predictive supply chain using the power of the cloud and a platform approach. To learn more visit

Blue Yonder is also offering a Cloud Migration Workshop. At the workshop, companies can receive a business value assessment on their journey to the cloud with Blue Yonder. To learn more visit this page.

1Q2 SaaS ARR and NRR were updated to reclassify a professional services subscription from SaaS to services ARR. Even though the Q2 2020 NRR has been restated to 122% from the previous 126%, the total ARR and subscription NRR did not change as a result of this reclassification.