Bluebox CX Series: RFID Industrial Readers for Industry 4.0 and IoT areas


The RFID BLUEBOX CX Series is an industrial RFID read and write series for demanding Industry 4.0 and IoT processes. All 3 RFID readers support the Standard ISO 18000-63 in global RFID UHF ETSI + FCC areas. The RFID readers are equipped with the IP67 protection class and are suitable for rough environments within the industrial area. Optionally, the RFID readers are available with M12 or RJ45 (Ethernet) plug connector.


Integrated Antenna or up to 2 external Antenna Ports

The RFID BLUEBOX CX Series is available in 3 versions. BLUEBOX CX MR IA is equipped with an integrated antenna. BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH has one external antenna port for an TNC-female antenna. The RFID reader BLUEBOX CX LR 2CH has two antenna ports for up to 2 TNC-female antennas.

  • Industrial Interface Options for a wide range of Applications


There is a wide range of industrial interfaces to choose from: RS232/485, CANbus (SAE J1939 or CANopen) or Wiegand. Real-time transmission of ongoing processes in the automotive, medical technology or agricultural sectors can be handled perfectly with the CANbus port. The RS232/485 interface option has been specially developed for direct machine control. Wiegand is a port for the identification and evaluation of control data.


Identification and Assignment of Attachments on Tractors

The BLUEBOX CX RFID Reader Series can be used for the identification of attachments on tractors in agriculture. The RFID antenna is mounted on the gripping arm of the vehicle. It identifies various external parts with attached RFID transponder such as excavator bucket or drills. Next to the steering wheel is mounted a control system controller. The transponder contains data on the attached part and transports it with the antenna on the gripper arm to the control system. The data is sent to the central control system by real-time transmission via the CANbus interface.


Control of Industrial Equipment and Machinery

The control of industrial devices, sensors, monitors and machines in IoT environments is possible by means of the serial RS232 interface. RS232 allows the direct control of industrial devices without the need for software support. With the help of RFID, the analysis of faulty controls is possible. This minimises the reject rate within productions. The use of the BLUEBOX controller is a power-saving solution thanks to the adjustable output power with the help of the supplied demo software.


Measurement of Fuel Consumption of Harbour Tugs

The BLUEBOX CX is suitable for measuring and monitoring fuel consumption on ships. Special RFID tags are attached to specific areas on the ship. The BLUEBOX CX LR 1CH is mounted in the technical cabin. An associated RFID antenna is attached to a special antenna device. The tag IDs are read by the on-board management software and related to an appropriate area, which is graphically displayed to the skipper and sent to a remote back-end server. The information on the mounted RFID tags is combined and evaluated with other information such as fuel consumption.



Our BLUEBOX CX Series is delivered including a software development kit. The BLUEBOX SDK enables the development of an own application. BLUEBOX show and our demo software introduction video shows you the setting and adjustment options for the BLUEBOX readers.

Software Development KitDemo Software Video | BLUEBOX Show