BlueFinity International has appointed Ashwood Computer as a distributor for Evoke

Bluefinity International has appointed Ashwood Computer, a leading software, services and support company based in Cincinnati, USA as a distributor for Evoke, BlueFinity’s rapid app development platform.                                                                                                       

Evoke is a rapid app development platform designed to provide adaptive Modern User Interface development. It enables apps to be created and deployed for mobile, desktop and web apps supporting iPads, iPhones, Android and Windows phones and tablets, plus Windows, Linux and Apple desktops.

 Companies using the platform achieve fast development and deployment using its well understood, option select, drop and drag and point and click technologies.

 Evoke also presents businesses with complete development flexibility, as apps can be created and deployed as web, hybrid or native desktop and mobile apps.  Additionally, a full and complete Visual Studio/Xamarin solution can be delivered directly to a developer’s computer for easy customisation, if desired, with any customisation preserved through each regeneration of the single app design.

 Evoke supports most database platforms (SQL and MultiValue) and builds business apps and extends enterprise applications in a fraction of the time and cost of other methods.

 Douglas Owens, Vice President of Sales said, “We focus on the MultiValue marketplace and are excited to be distributing BlueFinity’s Evoke because of the power and potential this product offers our customers and all MultiValue database user sites all across the USA.”

 “Using Evoke, the Ashwood Computer’s sales team can provide that elusive ‘Adaptive Modern User Interface for desktops, mobile devices and the web,’ which so many of our customer sites and MultiValue database user sites have been striving to provide for their end-users.”

 “We believe BlueFinity’s Evoke is the ‘Silver Bullet’ for the modernisation of business applications and the creation of new mobile business apps that so many MultiValue sites have been seeking.”

 Malcolm Carroll, Director of BlueFinity added, “Ashwood is a dynamic and forward-looking company who we have worked with for a number of years, through our other software products. We are delighted they are now adopting Evoke as their flagship app development product.

 “Both Ashwood and BlueFinity view Evoke as the most significant addition to the MultiValue market for many years as it offers a truly mainstream product for Multivalue. The MultiValue market, in particular, has been asking for a no code/low code full function mobile business app development system for a significant amount of time.  In addition, Evoke’s ability to generate solutions that can integrate both SQL and Multivalue databases into the same desktop and mobile app offers Ashwood’s clients amazing possibilities.”

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