Bordeaux Airport deploys WALLIX to enhance data protection & provide secure remote access


WALLIX, (Euronext ALLIX) a European publisher of cybersecurity software and an expert in Identity and Access Security solutions, has today announced that Bordeaux Airport, based in south-west France, has deployed its WALLIX Bastion platform in a move to strengthen data protection and provide secure remote access.

Working with integrator NXO France, Bordeaux Airport deployed WALLIX’s flagship solution, enabling improved security and enhanced monitoring for privileged accessed accounts. Alongside improving cybersecurity and data access, the international airport opted for WALLIX in a move to respond and meet the changing regulatory constraints and increasing data protection challenges in the air transportation sector.

Since using WALLIX Bastion, Bordeaux Airport has leveraged better control of its IT infrastructure, protecting user data by managing and securing access to its systems. WALLIX Bastion ensures the traceability of all actions performed on servers, allowing external service providers and third-party supplier to continue to perform maintenance work independently in a compliant manner.

Gurvan Quenet, CISO of Bordeaux Airport commented: “Our choice naturally fell on WALLIX, which offers a strong solution certified by the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI). For us, this is a real guarantee of trust and quality. A choice reinforced by the existence of serious and positive local references. WALLIX Bastion is a really simple solution to implement. Moreover, the efficiency and fluidity of the exchanges with the WALLIX teams contributed to the easy handling of the tool. The WALLIX teams provided very professional and quality service.”

In addition, through the WALLIX deployment, Bordeaux Airport has been able to provide secure data access for more than a third of its employees who have worked remotely during the pandemic.

Quenet concluded: “Thanks to WALLIX, we were able to adapt to the health crisis without any difficulty and in complete security. This is a unanimous opinion of all the airport’s employees.”