Bosch and PTV Group: Allicance for better air


Bosch and PTV Group, the global market leader for mobility and transportation software, are joining forces to further improve air quality and reduce traffic-related emissions in cities. The new partnership brings together Bosch’s know-how in measuring, modeling, and analyzing air quality data with PTV’s expertise in traffic planning and simulation. This partnership will provide cities with the right tools to reconcile mobility and better air in the best possible way. While many cities in Europe and around the world are struggling with air pollution, the two companies could help well over 2,000 potential customers in more than 120 countries with their innovative solution.


Precise data for efficient traffic management

The first outcome of the cooperation has already been implemented. Precise emissions data by Bosch is now available in the traffic simulation software PTV Vissim. Bosch generates this data on its cloud-based Air Quality platform, based on detailed traffic data. In PTV Vissim, city and traffic planners can then immediately see how different traffic measures, such as adapted signal control, will affect vehicle emissions and air quality.

“Measures to improve air quality play an important role, especially in cities. Implementation of these measures require precise data and simulations of the type and spread of emissions and immissions. Our collaboration creates the foundation for a long-term improvement in air quality, for example through traffic control,” says Christian Stach, Executive Vice President, Bosch Powertrain Solutions division.

“Better air is a vital factor when it comes to creating livable and sustainable urban areas. At the same time, our cities are growing, with more and more people and goods on the move. Our collaboration combines the data expertise of the leading technology company, Bosch with PTV’s analysis and simulation technology. Together, we can empower cities to make sound decisions and effectively improve air quality,” says Christian U. Haas, CEO of PTV Group.


Potential for further developments

Bosch and PTV Group are planning further innovative developments that will be based on a shared-data platform. Immission data generated with artificial intelligence will be integrated from the Bosch Cloud into PTV’s various software solutions. In addition, a team of experts from both companies is working on a holistic “city dashboard” that will enable users to analyze and visualize mobility and real-time air quality data. This dashboard will help to address a variety of aspects of the “Smart City” concept, such as optimum location of charging stations, sustainable mobility solutions, the transport of goods on the last mile, etc.mile, etc.