Brands need to ensure transparency & great customer service


With stock level and labour shortages threatening the retail industry, brands need to ensure transparency and great customer service if they are to win this Black Friday. The last 18 months have not been an easy ride, but this is their chance to provide customers with pre-festive deals that will bring joy and lift businesses profits.

Black Friday deals may entice people to shop more, but retailers must also be prepared for high return rates. Businesses have a prime opportunity to focus their time and energy on providing exceptional aftercare – from setting the right expectations and updating customers at every stage of the journey, to being respectful of their time and proactively meeting their requests. At the same time, they can rebuild trust in the customer relationship. No matter the issue, first-class customer service should be the priority. So it is no surprise that recent research shows that nearly half (47%) of consumers globally would share a negative experience they’ve had with a brand online. This proves that retailers are just one bad interaction away from a social storm, threatening brand loyalty across the board.

Luckily, technologies are available to help improve the overall customer experience and deliver that all important empathy. Services such as AI, Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs), digital engagement channels, and other tools help organisations provide consumers with 24/7 self-service capabilities, while ensuring agents are prepared at each stage of the interaction. Businesses need to focus on providing a human connection across every touchpoint. It’s now essential to get customer service right or pay the price.