Retail sales slowed to their weakest performance since January for the month of September


That retail sales slowed to their weakest performance since January potentially shows the strain the sector is under in the wake of fuel shortages and ongoing supply chain disruption. Rising prices and limited availability of certain products could be having an impact on consumer confidence. As we enter the Golden Quarter for retail, but also the uncertainties of winter, it’s crucial physical retailers remain attractive to shoppers.

To do this, they must accommodate the digital-first mindset that now characterises many consumers. This means focusing on supply chain visibility and integrating with eCommerce offerings to deliver a harmonised consistent and connected experience. Consumers no longer see channels – they see brands and there is so much potential to create greater value in physical stores if integrated seamlessly with digital channels – for example, transforming retail stores and floorspace into operational hubs and pick up locations to speed up Click and Collect.