BridgeNet Solutions Selects 3Gtms TMS System to Support Growth of Managed Transportation Services


3Gtms, LLC, a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software (TMS), announced today that BridgeNet Solutions (BridgeNet) has selected the 3Gtms solution to serve as the foundational platform to offer North American managed transportation services to its clients. BridgeNet is an independent division of BDP International, and a recognized industry leader in supply chain data analytics and end-to-end supply chain management solutions.

With the 3Gtms transportation management system, 3G-TM, BridgeNet has gained a transformative software platform to expand its services to its North American clientele. Designed in the cloud, 3Gtms software orchestrates the entire order-to-settlement process in real time on a single platform. BridgeNet will also leverage 3Gtms’ sophisticated, built-in optimization engine that can manage complex constraints and data changes in order to determine the best plan that can be realistically executed. This strategic initiative by BridgeNet drives additional value for customers and deepens service and supply chain integration, while accelerating potential market growth.

“In today’s world, customers don’t just expect enhanced supply chain management – they demand it. BridgeNet sought a partner that could provide augmented results to complement our growing 4PL solution,” said Noah Cepela, President, BridgeNet. “Additionally, the 3Gtms solution offers proven flexibility and optimization capabilities that will drive bottom-line value for us and for our customers seeking optionality within their supply chain through BridgeNet’s 4PL offering.”

“We’re thrilled to be selected by BridgeNet Solutions to help them automate and optimize new managed services that bring value to their customers,” said Mitch Weseley, CEO and founder of 3Gtms. “We’re proud to support a recognized leader like BridgeNet Solutions as it expands into new services with an impressive trajectory.”