Building intercontinental flow visibility with tracking solution


With many supply chain operations facing unprecedented challenges, tracking solutions have stepped up as an unlikely ally in revolutionizing the way we use data to solve complex shipping and tracking issues.

The intercontinental freight context makes the maritime follow-up very complex. Many different players, a lack of visibility and accurate information, data collected in a heterogeneous way, lead to latency and therefore a problem of anticipation in the case of unforeseen events.

One of the key answers to these different pain points is data. It’s no surprise we are seeing more and more supply chain organizations demanding accurate, real-time data about the location of shipments on both a national and intercontinental scale.


Track & Trace for routine visibility

There is a growing interest in using technologies to aggregate data. Several ways to retrieve data exist. Today we will talk about Track & Trace.

A 100% digital track & trace solution will connect to the information made available by shipping lines, ports, and satellite data. And then, collect, process, and make them available in a single interface, almost in real-time.

The data capture is all the information you need to track your goods easily. The innovative solution is the answer to putting a stop to endless emails and phone calls in an attempt to find out what is really going on with shipments. It automates the entire information retrieval process.

In terms of data, insights deliver much more value than knowing where the shipment is and how it’s doing. For example, EasyTrack, the end-to-end track and trace solution of the provider Safecube enables a multitude of benefits with day-to-day operational savings.

Reduced in-transit lead time and inventory, reduced demurrage fees and detention costs, alerts of delay or better service for customers are just a few of the benefits achieved through data insights.

The information enables the management of deviation in real-time and allows the identification and tracking of responsibilities.


Data exploitation to optimize flows

Beyond flow management and routine monitoring, data analytics, allows us to adopt a predictive approach. With benchmark logic, the Track & Trace solution leverages data for performance analysis.

The technology can even enable flow re-engineering, sea routes optimization and transport mode balance. Such a solution facilitates flow performance assessments and the testing of new transport solutions. The evaluation of the performance of flows brings value in different ways: Having a complete view of your flows to identify sub-optimizations Benchmark performance to position the company in the market.

These actionable insights allow to challenge the information given by the carriers and to make decisions based on reliable data.

The logic of data aggregation can then go further thanks to other technologies, such as the IoT (Internet of things). The data capture enabled by the IoT solution is totally independent of the shipping line network. It, therefore, provides end-to-end information from container loading to container opening and thus in complex multimodal transportation. Also, the IoT trackers allow capturing data related to transport conditions such as temperature, humidity, or shocks.

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After working in various startups and major groups in France and Silicon Valley, Adrien Chapelet became an expert in connected objects and data semantics. He worked for Equisense on a connected tracker to improve the horse’s practise and health, for Spire on an autonomous breathing sensor, and with Sigfox in data semantics, before finally setting up his own startup in IIot (IoT for the industry). Today, he has joined Safecube on the whole IoT visibility improvement part.