Butcher’s Pet Care: transforming promotions and offers with SKUtrak®


Butcher’s Pet Care, the UK’s number one canned dog food brand, has embraced a new way of working through SKUtrak. The family-owned company now has daily insight into its sales and supply chain. Crucially, it has given Butcher’s the ability to build more effective promotions with one of its key retailers, The Co-op.

In July 2018, The Co-op partnered with Atheon Analytics and their multi-retailer SKUtrak® service. Through SKUtrak, the Co-op now shares all its daily ‘Flow-of-Goods’ data with suppliers including sales, supply chain, and forecast data.

Historic data blind spots

Hayley Goddard, Co-op National Account Manager at Butcher’s, explains: “When I joined the

Co-op account we could only see internal data for what we sold into the Co-op. We needed visibility of how the Co-op was selling to our customers.”

“SKUtrak made daily data available to us, in an instantly visual and presentable format that everyone in the business can use and understand together. We chose SKUtrak because it meant we could read and react quickly to what was happening within the Co-op.”

Efficient Promotions

In March last year, Butcher’s Pet Care re-launched their food for dogs brand and moved into plastic-free and sustainable packaging for their multipack can products.

“We bought into SKUtrak at a time of major change here at Butcher’s to help us get quicker, better results on how our rebrand is performing”

“The Butchers rebrand has been supported with in-store promotional activity & we needed to measure whether the newly promoted brand and SKUs were achieving our aims. SKUtrak has enabled us to do this effectively and provided the data to plan future promotions by understanding the mechanics which are most effective, which prior to using SKUtrak we were unable to do.”

Staying informed everyday

Hayley Goddard concludes, “With the daily alerts I always have a sense of what is going on. More often than not it provides us with reassurance that everything is running smoothly. If my daily email does highlight something unusual, then I can log in from anywhere and get to the granular detail straight away. If something needs resolving internally or with Co-op’s supply team we can easily share what we’re seeing and make informed decisions with confidence.”