Cabka achiesves very high recycling rate in 2022


Cabka has set itself ambitious goals for 2022: the specialist in reusable transport packaging made of recycled plastic shows in its sustainability report that the move towards a circular economy and the rationalization of the logistics chain, including digitalization and automation, are worthwhile.

Cabka is the circularity leader in the RTP industry: In 2022, the specialist manufactured more than 85 percent of its products from recycled materials, 100% were reusable with take-back clauses for recycling and supporting the collection of additional plastics for recycling. The European average was still at 14% recycled plastics in 2021, targeting to get to 33% by 2030.1

The company is focusing not only on the recycling of plastics, but also on how to make the entire plastics recycling process more sustainable. Cabka has put extra efforts in changing to more sustainable energy supply for its production in order to reduce its carbon footprint.
In addition, Cabka significantly reduces carbon emissions by recycling plastic waste and reusing it in new products. This prevents the waste from being incinerated.

The report is available on the Investors section of Cabka’s website, where it can be viewed and downloaded free of charge in PDF format.