Capgemini deepens collaboration with Copado to accelerate customer experience (CX) transformation


Capgemini today announced an alliance with Copado, a leading DevOps platform for enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to accelerate CX transformation for their clients and enhance returns on Salesforce investments. The alliance will combine Capgemini’s expertise in managing complex and large-scale Salesforce transformation projects, with Copado’s DevOps platform to provide clients with reliable, automated and structured Salesforce implementations that offer reduced development costs and provide faster, more agile deployments.

As part of the alliance, Capgemini will leverage Copado’s suite of offerings and set up a DevOps Center of Excellence (CoE) with Copado, to deliver native Salesforce and MuleSoft DevOps capabilities to its enterprise clients.

“In today’s fast paced business ecosystem, our clients are looking for agile and efficient, customer-focused digital solutions to enable an experience transformation journey. We’re committed to helping organizations unlock the true potential of their business transformation initiatives. This alliance with Copado further strengthens our partner ecosystem and adds to our focus on delivering agile and innovative customer experiences, at scale, for our clients,” commented Darshan Shankavaram, Leader of the Global Digital Customer Experience Practice at Capgemini.

With over 10 years of experience in enabling Salesforce implementations, Capgemini provides a full suite of offerings including strategy, program management, development and implementation support to its clients to drive outcomes across sectors globally.

“Digital customer experience is no longer a buzzword, it’s the core of business resilience today. Salesforce projects are transformational, and in every industry, organizations must capture the benefits of Salesforce innovation quickly,” said Andrew Leigh, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Alliances for Copado. “Capgemini’s expertise in managing large-scale Salesforce deployments and its leading application development services, combined with Copado’s DevOps and testing automation technologies, can help organizations around the globe save on software development costs, increase time-to-value on cloud releases, and quickly capture all the benefits that cloud and digital transformations promise.”

The new, deeper alliance, expands Capgemini’s relationship with Copado which, over the last twelve months, has established a set of successful joint client projects with a particular focus on the telecommunications industry, such as TET (Latvia Technology and Entertainment Company).

“Together with Capgemini and Copado, TET is undertaking a digital transformation initiative that will help optimize our business and move key business operations to a state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, built on Salesforce. With Copado, we can execute several deployments simultaneously and transparently, allowing the product owner to have full visibility of deployment and testing status. This empowers us to deliver more customer value per quarter and ensure faster time to market, as compared to complex and time-consuming manual deployments. The ability to integrate testing tools with Copado has also allowed us to create a continuous integration and deployment pipeline, enabling us to focus on delivering business value rather than technical issues,” said Dmitrijs Nikitins, Chief Technology Officer at TET.

As part of Capgemini’s commitment of nurturing promising B2B startups offering innovative technological solutions, Capgemini invested in Copado via ISAI Cap Venture in June 2020 and September 2021. With its Series C round of funding, Copado has become the second ‘unicorn’ within the Capgemini portfolio.