CAPRON motorhome factory relies on Jungheinrich

The ERWIN HYMER GROUP plant CAPRON, manufacturer of motorhomes, has commissioned Jungheinrich to expand the warehouse capacity at its production site in Neustadt, Saxony.

The Jungheinrich solution comprises a single-aisle racking warehouse for single-depth or double-depth storage. The rack operating equipment utilised in this expansion is from the Jungheinrich subsidiary MIAS, and has a load capacity of 2 tonnes. The different production areas at the Capron motorhome factory are both served via stacking and retrieval channels.

The new in-house racking warehouse serves as a buffer for raw materials, purchased parts and auxiliary materials. Jungheinrich’s project-specific materials handling technology transports the special load carriers into Goods Receipt, Production and Goods Outward. Depending on the requirements, two different special load carriers with the dimensions 1.15 x 1.25 m or 2.5 x 1.25 m are automatically provided in Goods Receipt as an internal system carrier. After loading, they are stored in the new automated high-bay warehouse.

The monitoring and control of the entire in-house material flow takes place via the Jungheinrich WMS. This ensures process-reliable, transparent and efficient warehouse management. The Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System was named “Best Factory Software 2018” due to its high customer benefit and the ease with which it can be integrated into already existing software structures.

Steve Richmond, Director – Logistics Systems, Jungheinrich UK, comments: “As a leading intralogistics solutions provider, the core principles of Jungheinrich are simple; we innovate in our products and systems, and we give our customers best practice solutions. By combining product innovation with the information flow, the material flow, and linking these through digitalisation, Jungheinrich creates the right solution for each one of our customers in accordance with their unique business drivers.”