Carrs Billington to Maximise Fleet Efficiency with End-to-end Solution from Microlise


Carrs Billington, an agricultural supplier with feed mills at Carlisle, Lancaster and Stone and a network of 32 country stores throughout Northern England, Scotland and Wales, will be deploying the Microlise Solution, including its Fleet Performance and Journey Management products across its fleet of 60 vehicles, to increase fuel efficiency, reduce mileage run and support improved driver performance.

The Journey Management product will allow Carrs Billington to understand the location of its fleet vs the plan in real time, while data will also highlight performance against schedule and routes, alerting the team to any potential missed time-slots before they’ve happened, to support proactive customer communication. Driver performance monitoring will support drivers and deliver increased efficiencies across fuel usage as well as vehicle wear and tear.

According to Phil Rothera, National Distribution Manager Carrs Billington Operations, “we have an ambitious target to deliver increased fuel efficiencies and to support driver performance. When we realise these improvements, we will continue with our planned programme of investment to provide additional technological support to our drivers in the field.”

“Carrs Billington has a keen focus on fleet efficiencies which is commendable,” said Microlise Chief Executive Officer, Nadeem Raza. “We are pleased to be providing additional tools to manage, monitor and positively impact on its operation and drive improved operational efficiencies.”