Chinese Manufacturer of Cartoner Enables Digitalized Data-Collection & Analysis Solutions with their Packaging Machines


ELITER Packaging Machinery, a growing family-owned business in the packaging automation industry and manufacturer of cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wrap-around sleever is now able to incorporate with their packaging equipment digitalized solutions and software to allow final users to collect data from the machine´s operation to monitor their effectiveness, facilitate the production´s decision making, evaluate the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and to pave the way of constant improvement thanks to the support from PackIOT.

“Our customers will be offered with optional of installing the industry 4.0 solutions from PackIOT with all of our packaging machines.”, commented Zhiwei Bao, general manager of ELITER Packaging Machinery. “Such a digitalization solution will benefit considerable those customers who have their production at large scale and would like to save cost and improve efficiency with their paperwork and management.”

What are the Advantages of Data-Based Digitalization with Packaging Machines?

Data is the written form of production result with which the management and operators and evaluate the effectiveness of the equipment that is running at their facility. In the case of packaging automation, production and a lot of other situations, the data enacts an essential role for quality control, valuation of efficiency and productivity, and to pave the way for cost reduction and constant improvement.

Digitalizing your production with real-time data collection system incorporated into your packaging machines can bring various and significant benefits:

Cost-Saving: the real-time data collection is achieved by compiling the signals from devices such as PLC, servos converters and sensors on the packaging machine and it is recorded in an instant manner and free from manual logging, which means the production can save manual cost for documentation.

Troubleshooting: the live monitoring of the packaging machine’s operation allows the operator to figure the root cause within the software rather than checking throughout the machines and can save a lot of time and energy. To illustrate, when a cartoning machine pauses running due to low level of carton blanks in its magazine, the real-time data collection system will record the signal from the low-level photoelectronic sensor and advise the operator the root cause.

Visibility: Some of the packaging machines such cartoner, case packer and overwrapping machines are already with the function of production counting within the HMI. However, in most cases it only shows a number rather than demonstrating chronologically along the time-flow or providing any convenience for analysis – people will not spot when and where a scrap or failure occurred. On the countrary, the real-time data collection system can organize the data by each second, minute, hour, day, week, month to provide in-depth insight and with production data recorded in this way the management will be able to calculate and review their KPI and the ROI at which the packaging machines is running.

Optimized Set-up time: Set-up time is referred to as well the size and format changeover by which a packaging machine like cartoning machine can be refitted to a different carton box sizes and packages of materials to be loaded (from bottles to blister packs, for example).

The digitalization allows the operator to monitor their changeover effectiveness so as to make improvement during the next shift, while for the whole production line this means a shorter downtime and improved productivity.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE): Real-time data collection systems can facilitate the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) evaluation of a packaging machine by providing real-time monitoring and analysis of its performance. Such systems can collect data on various operational parameters, including throughput, availability, and quality rate of the packaging machine. The system comprises of sensors that monitor the different stages of operation, generating real-time data that is transmitted to a central database for analysis.


Author Bio:  Zixin Yuan is the Digital Marketing Coordinator at ÉLITER Packaging Machinery.



About ÉLITER Packaging Machinery

ÉLITER Packaging Machinery is family-owned business in the packaging automation and machinery industry and based in China. The company is the manufacturer and global supplier of cartoning machines, overwrapping machines and wraparound sleever.