Circle Logistics Appoints Steve Schroeder as VP of National Sales


Circle Logistics (Circle), a leading player in the logistics and transportation industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Steve Schroeder as Vice President of National Sales. As a logistics veteran with over three decades of experience in building strong relationships and structured networks, Schroeder’s responsibilities at Circle include sales strategy, consolidating high quality transportation solutions and nurturing customer relationships.

“With Steve’s decades-long experience and deep understanding of the logistics industry, he is uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between our company and our valued customers. His focus on identifying customer pain points and offering immediate solutions not only elevates the customer experience but also opens new avenues for our sales teams,” said Eric Fortmeyer, CEO, Circle Logistics. “This is an exciting chapter for Circle Logistics, and we’re confident that Steve’s hands-on approach will help us achieve new milestones in customer satisfaction and business growth.”

With this appointment, Circle Logistics is signaling its intent to become a top logistics provider in the U.S. by elevating customer service and relationship management.

“In a rapidly evolving logistics industry where technology and data are king, Steve reminds us that human connections are just as valuable,” said Fortmeyer. “With his experience, focus and commitment to customer education and problem-solving, he is set to redefine what customer relationships mean in the world of logistics – not just for Circle Logistics, but for the industry at large.”

Schroeder’s vast experience spans multiple transportation modes, including less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) to air and ocean freight. He also brings inventory management and manufacturing, demand planning, freight payment and budgeting experience to his position.

“My help will not change the way Circle’s dedicated sales reps interact with their customers,” said Schroeder. “I will help to establish, grow and nurture relationships with our customers and internal team, but day-to-day activities are still the responsibility of our sales team.”

Prior to joining Circle Logistics, Schroeder’s leadership roles included serving as Principal at LoMas Transportation, General Manager for Concert Group Logistics and Carrier Manager for Penske Logistics. Schroeder also served as a Logistics Analyst / Inventory Control / Senior Parts Analyst for Whirlpool Corporation.