Colt expands On Demand to millions of worldwide business locations


Colt Technology Services, the digital infrastructure company, today announced the expansion of its award-winning Colt On Demand service to millions of business locations in over 180 countries across the world. Organisations can self-serve, flex and scale their network infrastructure through a user-friendly, highly automated digital portal.

Supported by the last-mile access networks of best-in-breed carriers, businesses using On Demand benefit from Colt’s firm commitment to customer experience; a single Service Level Agreement; one portal, one contract, one bill and one point of contact, all directly through Colt. It also enables a unified customer journey for On Demand – to sites on or off the Colt network.

This extension to Colt’s popular consumption-based On Demand comes as businesses rethink and futureproof their digital infrastructure. Moving to the cloud, establishing hybrid working practices, connecting to the IoT and trialling emerging technologies all result in greater demand for flexible bandwidth. The ability to scale up or down across an intuitive, intelligent platform helps businesses protect against risk, manage uncertainty and focus resources.

Peter Coppens, Vice President – Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services said, “The enterprise network has become a pathway to the futureand we’ve removed the roadblocks that hold businesses back, from locked-in contracts to long provisioning times and geographic restrictions. Expanding On Demand is an exciting milestone for Colt and for the industry. It opens up the world and delivers against our purpose: to put the power of the digital universe in the hands of our customers, wherever, whenever and however they choose.”

Colt’s On Demand platform has been engineered to help businesses respond quickly and competitively to rapidly changing market conditions through a consumption-based networks-as-a-service model. Organisations can scale up to 10Gbps guaranteed bandwidth, accessible in seconds for customers in thousands of locations on the Colt network, and provisioned in real-time.

Adeline Phua, Principal Analyst, Network Transformation Services at Omdia said, “Business environments and IT architectures are becoming increasingly fluid with more test environments or changing site requirements, impacting how networks are consumed. Enterprises need to plan for the unplanned and having an “as-a-service” consumption-based model for network services can enable a business to make network services change with more ease.”