Command Alkon Addresses Pipeline/Forecast Issue in Building Materials Industry with State-of-the-Art Digital Solutions


Command Alkon, the Leading Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, recognizes issues that companies face with generating timely and accurate quotes, maintaining realistic pipeline estimates and forecasts, and missing opportunities due to lack of sales visibility in the field. Recent research by the Aberdeen Group shows that only around 55% of companies that do not implement a best-in-class forecasting process achieve sales quotas, compared to 97% of companies that choose to implement advanced forecasting approaches achieve theirs.

“When your quoting process does not ensure that accurate pricing information is carried throughout your business processes, the result is quotes being submitted based on incorrect margins,” said Jason Simmons, Business Analyst for MOBILEsales at Command Alkon.

Many organizations rely on a spreadsheet-based quoting process, quoting software that is not built for the industry, or applications that stand alone and do not support the flow of information across the organization. The challenge with these approaches is that there are few if any, controls in place to validate that pricing on quotes generated are based on correct pricing, and that quoted information is quickly and accurately moved through to operations.

With a sales solution in place that provides real-time visibility into both an accurate backlog and an accurate sales forecast, decisions and adjustments can be made to steer the organization in the right direction on a daily basis (even an hourly basis, if needed) instead of relying on a monthly snapshot of quickly outdated information.

Command Alkon’s MOBILEsales keeps the sales force focused on customers by giving salespeople the information they need when they need it. It automates the quoting process, allowing salespeople to create more accurate sales forecasts. Accurate forecasting contributes to tightened, exact budgets. These budgets help management to analyze and manage expected costs and evaluate spending.

“Implementing a mobile sales solution, like MOBILEsales from Command Alkon, can eliminate the inaccuracies of manual quoting processes and enable the flow of information across your organization in a timely manner; allowing you to sell, deliver, invoice, and receive payments quicker and with greater accuracy,” said Simmons.