Command Alkon & HCSS Aligned in Promoting Safe & Productive Construction Operations Amidst COVID-19 Crisis


Command Alkon, the leading Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work, and HCSS, the Leading Heavy Civil Software Solutions Provider, are leveraging their existing collaboration partnership to quickly expand safe social distancing capabilities on critical infrastructure jobsites. The combination of Command Alkon’s free eTicketing Essentials and HCSS’ free Trucking Software will help contractors automate the collection of both material and truck tickets. The co-joined efforts remove the need for person-to-person paper-based processes and together are available at no cost to users through June 30th, 2020.

“We are happy to work in conjunction with Command Alkon to actively mitigate the impact of COVID-19, advancing essential heavy-civil construction projects while keeping worker’s health the number one priority,” said Mike Rydin, CEO at HCSS. “Together, by replacing both paper material tickets and paper truck tickets, we are keeping jobs safer and on-track while supporting ongoing operations in a more productive way.”

HCSS Trucking enables contractors to track trucks on the jobsite and digitally record loads and timecards via a tablet or smartphone. When used alongside Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials offer, users receive electronic tickets for both materials and trucks all in one place.

“The heavy construction community needs digital capabilities across their supply chains now more than ever,” said , CEO at Command Alkon. “We are grateful to have an exceptional partner like HCSS and we welcome them joining free eTicketing Essentials to expand the offer’s value for the industry. Our combined efforts will provide a more end-to-end solution to better serve all stakeholders: material producers, suppliers, haulers, and contractors alike.”

To learn more about how eTicketing Essentials works with the HCSS Trucking application, please contact HCSS at (800) 683-3196 or visit For more information on Command Alkon’s eTicketing Essentials offering, call (205) 263-5700 or visit