Consignor supports Digital Transformation of Retailers with Scandit’s Mobile Computer Vision Software


Scandit, the leading enterprise technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR), today announced that multi carrier shipping solution, Consignor, has integrated Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK into its new Scan App Pro, to enable fast and robust scanning with an unrivalled barcode library.

With more than 10,000 customers, Consignor supports the needs of retailers looking to ship, track, scan, receive, return and analyse all types of shipments, both domestically and internationally, and connect with an unrivalled number of carriers around the globe. Retailers and manufacturers working with Consignor to create more seamless experiences for their customers include Harvey Nichols, SuperDry, OJ Electronics, Somfy, Total Label USA and

Scan App Pro is a native app for smartphones which can be used instead of a dedicated handheld scanner to scan labels and collect and upload data to the Consignor platform. Packages are scanned on leaving the warehouse and on delivery, with the carrier using the app to upload a time-stamped confirmation and proof of delivery. As an enhanced version of the previous Scan App, it supports additional features such as the ability to generate a pickup code for deliveries so customers can collect their orders. All the data is visible in the Consignor Portal, where notifications can be configured so consumers can get updates on the status of their shipment, so they don’t have to contact the retailer.

“Scandit’s Barcode Scanning has given us the solid platform we need to focus on further innovation of our product and help our customers meet the expectations of end consumers in a more digitalised way,” said Mattias Gredenhag, CTO, Consignor. “The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many changes we see happening in retail and shopping as businesses have had to use digital platforms to reduce customer touchpoints and expand and simplify services like click and collect in physical stores. As demand for home delivery has increased, we have also seen the emergence of new carriers in the market who are looking for technology partners to support their operations. In such a diverse market, it was essential for us to have a tool that is fast and comprehensive.

“However, there is also a longer-term shift towards hyper-personalisation and localisation of services, such as offering customers more choice around who delivers their order. Scandit’s scanning library will continue to be a key part of the infrastructure we need to be able to roll out innovative new features, as Consignor continues to expand across Europe and globally.”

When Consignor was developing the app, they realised that they would need to work with a partner who could provide them with a barcode library to match the growing scale of their operations. After extensive research of the market, Consignor decided to partner with Scandit to take advantage of its high-performance barcode scanning, and text recognition, and ability to support all major barcode types.

Other critical requirements met by Scandit included fast and robust scanning, and the ability to be used in low light and rugged conditions, as typically found in warehouses, without the risk of error. The app has proved to be particularly useful and cost-effective for retailers who were looking to expand and improve their eCommerce channels during Covid-19.

“2020 witnessed drastic changes in how delivery companies have interacted with their customers as safety and contactless delivery were prioritised,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “Retailers are starting to work with smaller and more local carriers, and they need to be able to provide the same high-quality options, visibility and post-purchase experience as they would have with larger and more established carriers. In enabling this, we are pleased to continue helping Consignor support the digital transformation of its customers’ businesses.”