Contentstack, BigCommerce & Like Digital Create Global Agility Platform for La Perla Beauty


Contentstack, BigCommerce and Like Digital have joined forces to deliver an agile, global digital platform and ecommerce capabilities to La Perla Beauty, the cosmetics and fragrance subsidiary of iconic Italian lingerie brand La Perla.  As part of the project, BigCommerce has joined the Contentstack Catalysts partner program.

Following a thorough review of the market, La Perla Beauty will launch multiple storefronts on Contentstack and BigCommerce, with build and implementation from Like Digital, the award-winning, strategic digital agency.

“As a new haute beauté house, we are committed to the practical expression of our brand pillars of taking care of our bodies, the planet and each other,” said Pamela Reynolds, Vice-President, eCommerce, La Perla Beauty. “One example is our focus on sustainability throughout the supply chain with recyclable materials, traceable ingredients and refillable, reusable bottles.  When it comes to the La Perla Beauty digital experience, we place huge value on education, community and demonstrating our Clean Beauty credentials – and typically these considerations are beyond the capabilities of a traditional CMS.

“As a newly launched subsidiary of a global luxury icon, we took a strategic, long-term view of this investment. Our choices are the first stage of a much longer-term strategy, reflecting not only our immediate needs but the plans for growth two or three years hence. However, with only a small, focused team we looked to the technology to do a great deal of the heavy lifting such as the issues of multiple languages, localisation, and the addition of new technologies, whilst still being easy to use.

“This agility, flexibility and preparedness for the future is what we have found in the headless architecture and MACH approach of Contentstack, Like Digital and BigCommerce. Despite more than six decades of heritage at La Perla we have approached the La Perla Beauty project with a very exploratory, ‘start-up’ mindset, asking ‘can we do this’ and ‘what if?’.  The result has been a roadmap of consistent innovation to support a series of launches throughout 2021.”

“Brands like La Perla Beauty, looking to bridge their premium luxury presence with innovative digital expression, are turning to technology that can deliver on this promise,” said Neha Sampat, Chief Executive Officer Contentstack. “The breadth and depth of planning that has gone into the technology decisions made by La Perla Beauty are clear; they have developed a strategic roadmap that makes the most of MACH capabilities and we are very excited to play a role as these new digital experiences come to life.”

“It became apparent very early on that this was not simply a case of building a stand-alone, monolithic e-commerce site and leaving it there,” said Richard Mogendorff, CDO, Like Digital. “Rather, this is the first stage of La Perla Beauty making a long-term commitment to digital and creating a comprehensive global omnichannel platform that can deliver consistent, premium digital experiences to connect and engage with customers. This mandated a Microservices, API, Cloud and Headless (MACH) led approach to deliver the ability to respond to changing demands from either the market or within La Perla Beauty. It was our shift to MACH principles and this demand for agility, combined with the ease of use that led us to propose Contentstack alongside BigCommerce for this project.”

As an Elite BigCommerce partner, Like Digital has over a decade of experience of developing eCommerce capabilities on the platform, including the architecture and user experience for La Perla lingerie.

As part of this project, BigCommerce has joined the Contentstack Catalysts partner program. This is an ecosystem of industry-leading technology and service providers that accelerate digital experience innovation. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, bringing award-winning technology, best practices, and a proven methodology for delivering exceptional digital omnichannel engagement. Matching this technical innovation, Contentstack recently expanded its Care Without Compromise™ program to Catalysts in order to provide joint customers the highest level of post-purchase support, creating the first cross-vendor support programme in the industry.

“We chose to become a Contentstack Catalyst because of the clear alignment on key geographies such as the UK, Netherlands and the US, a shared mutual focus on the business user and the consistent growth of best-of-breed tech stacks as opposed to monolithic CMS suites,” said Russell Klein, Chief Commercial Officer, BigCommerce.

“Just as with La Perla Beauty, we have seen an increased demand for headless content management across the BigCommerce customer portfolio.  The flexibility and interoperability of the Contentstack platform, as well as specific multi-language functionality, were also key factors in our decision. As brands look to maximise their investment in digital-first thinking, as a Contentstack Catalyst, we will continue to offer powerful innovation to all involved parties.”

Peter Fogelsanger, Global Head of Partnerships, Contentstack said: “As a Catalyst, BigCommerce can continue to offer disruptive new technology to brands that want to move faster and smarter than the competition. In partnership with us and our other Catalysts, we look forward to announcing more disruptive, innovative deals throughout the Catalysts ecosystem.”