Copado Launches Value Stream Management for Salesforce™, the Cloud Industry’s First Complete DevOps Platform


Copado, a leading DevOps platform enabling the world’s largest digital transformations on Salesforce, today announced the industry’s first end-to-end DevOps value stream management platform for Salesforce. Its Winter 21 release unleashes the value locked inside digital transformation projects by redefining the way companies plan, build, and deliver customer experiences with Salesforce. With new major innovations across all five DevOps stages, Copado Winter 21 enables customers to accelerate Salesforce time-to-value and demonstrate positive business value within 100 days.

Today’s digital imperative means software delivery performance is the leading indicator of a company’s ability to deliver business results. Yet only 10% of CIOs say they are successful at rapid software deployment. As many companies struggle to accelerate their digital transformation projects, Copado offers a fully integrated DevOps value stream platform that replaces fragile and fragmented custom tools while optimizing and measuring the positive business impact of a transformation project.

Customers using the Copado DevOps 360™ platform report an average of 46% increase in yearly Salesforce ROI from delivering 40% more features, 75% faster lead times, and 100% higher user adoption. Project risk is mitigated with increased governance and compliance resulting in 94% fewer production bugs, 192% faster time to recover, and thousands of delivery hours saved per year.

“Companies are laser focused on accelerating their digital-first projects because of the exponential impact on real business results,” said Sanjay Gidwani, chief operating officer at Copado. “Value stream management is the new must-have for anyone under pressure to meet executive expectations on the speed, quality and visibility of technology investments. By aligning the company’s corporate strategy with the CIO and IT metrics, the Copado DevOps platform delivers a prioritized, faster and continuous stream of value from your cloud platform to your company’s bottom line.”

Gartner reports that “Value Streams will define the Future of DevOps” and that “to deliver customer value faster, organizations need enhanced visibility, orchestration, integration and governance management across DevOps value streams.” By 2023, 70% of organizations will use value stream management to improve flow in the DevOps pipeline, leading to faster delivery of customer value.


Copado DevOps 360 Winter 21 Features

Copado Winter 21 introduces new features across all five DevOps stages:

Analyze:  New Interactive Insights make Copado DevOps 360 collaborative and interactive with integration with Chatter, Slack, and detailed drill down into VSM data and multi-currency value streams.

Plan: With new value-driven planning, Copado aligns IT with corporate strategy. Winter 21 supports application and feature-based planning, as well as the ability to prioritize projects using any objectives and prioritize features by value and impact. Copado also supports the SAFe methodology and can sync stories from Jira and Agile Planning boards.

Build: Winter 21 focuses on the needs of Salesforce administrators with a new suite of declarative pipeline builders that allow non-technical teams to define and manage value pipelines without a single line of code. These new collaborative features enable easy version control, automation flows, and align admins and developers.

Test: Copado added deeper integrations to leading AI testing tools and updates to its Static Code Analysis and Compliance products  to help customers deliver the highest quality releases faster than ever.

Deliver: With Copado’s new cross-platform tracking, users can visualize work streams across all teams and products. Organizations can automate all deployments, while checking and enforcing quality at each stage.


“CIOs are in the hot seat to deliver on digital business objectives at an accelerated pace with a completely remote workforce,” said Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research. “At the same time, it is imperative to show the value IT is delivering to the business and ensure that software development and delivery is aligned with key business objectives. A value stream management platform offers companies who rely on Salesforce to power their digital transformation initiatives to demonstrate business value very quickly.”

Copado is redefining how to achieve success on the Salesforce platform with its data-driven approach to delivering faster, higher quality releases and improving trust across customer transformation projects. Salesforce leads the market in digital transformation, and the technical sophistication and deployment agility of the customer and partner delivery teams is now mission critical to the CIO. Organizations that implement DevOps best practices have been shown to deploy more often, fail less often and recover faster.