Copado Reports Strong Growth in SMB Market as 10,000 Users Rely on Copado Essentials for Fast & Easy DevOps


Copado, a leading DevOps platform powering some of the world’s largest digital transformations, has announced that more than 10,000 users have implemented Copado Essentials, making it one of the fastest growing SaaS DevOps solutions for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Copado Essentials is an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool for DevOps processes and release management on the Salesforce platform that enables users to increase the speed and quality of their releases. To meet the skyrocketing demand, Copado has appointed David Belove to Vice President and General Manager for Copado Essentials to lead the expansion of its commercial and SMB sales teams.

More than 7 out of 10 SMBs increased their online presence last year. Customers now expect companies of all sizes to provide digital experiences and they want to be able to safely, securely and easily transact online. This requires SMBs to release and iterate on their digital presence faster, but with fewer and less technical resources than their enterprise counterparts. With Copado Essentials, SMBs are able to release faster on Salesforce and with higher quality and security.

“SMBs face unique challenges when building and maintaining their digital experiences — limited tools and processes, constrained budgets, fewer resources — but the customer expectations for speed, reliability, safety and ease of use are the same,” said Belove. “We believe that every company, regardless of size, should be able to maximize their SaaS investment to deliver the experiences needed to compete in today’s market. This is validated by the strong demand for our Copado Essentials offering. Thousands of businesses are taking advantage of our freemium model, simple setup and in-app support features to achieve immediate time-to-value.”

Ideal for individual admins, developers, small teams and system integrators, Copado Essentials allows Salesforce customers to get started for free on their DevOps journey. Customers can build, validate, and deploy new releases up to 10 times faster than change sets. Beyond the free edition, Copado offers Essentials+ with Git-based version control and support for any brand of Git repository for enhanced flexibility.

Non-technical teams can adopt automatic Git-based version control within a structured, yet streamlined release process, while more experienced Salesforce developers can choose the more granular control afforded by Copado Essentials standard deployment model. For consulting firms managing implementation projects on behalf of Salesforce customers, the new Clients Manager feature makes it easy to switch from the orgs and deployments associated with one client to another.

Copado Essentials supports Salesforce Single-Sign-On for fast, secure access at