Counter 5 business challenges with linerless label printing


The environmental gains of linerless labelling have been much heralded but TSC Printronix Auto ID believes their benefit to operational efficiency and worker safety are equally invaluable, especially with labour shortages across warehousing, logistics and retail.

“Linerless labels are a much more sustainable option than traditional labels,” says Bob Vines, UK, Ireland & Nordics country manager for TSC Auto ID. “But they also help streamline business processes, an additional benefit at a time when companies are grappling with automation dilemmas, rising customer expectations and costs.”

Bob claims linerless labels help businesses in at least five ways. They:

  • comply with regulations like the EU Environmental Act Programme (EAP)
  • adhere to Occupational Health & Safety regulations for worker safety
  • require fewer roll changes and no peel-off time, which leads to improved efficiency and productivity
  • offer variable label lengths, which improves flexibility and negates stocking diverse label sizes
  • promote sustainability by reducing carbon emissions during label production and eliminating liner waste disposal costs

TSC is a world-leading provider of innovative thermal label printing solutions. Its linerless devices are meticulously designed for a seamless user experience, incorporating anti-adhesive functionality to minimise contact with linerless media. Its linerless printers also feature superior UI/UX design for stable print quality, wide linerless label validation for smooth compatibility, and a simplified maintenance design.

Linerless labelling is fast gaining ground and the market size is expected to reach USD 2.51 billion by 2029. It has been widely adopted by the food & drink industry for take-outs and deli counters, by healthcare for specimen and medication labelling, and by logistics for more efficient and safer order processing.  “Cost per label of linerless is not dissimilar to traditional labels but the added benefits are priceless,” claims Bob. “You get more labels per roll, lower distribution and storage costs, better uptime and it demonstrates your environmental commitment.”

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