Cradlepoint enhances public safety with Avon Fire & Rescue Service solution


Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless solutions, announced that Avon Fire and Rescue Services (Avon FRS) will be using Cradlepoint routers, powered by NetCloud to provide failover support to ensure unfailing and continuous connectivity across the Service’s 21 stations.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service provides prevention, protection, and response services across the former Avon area, which spans 512 square miles, including an international airport, five motorways, four universities, and 450,000 homes. As a result, Avon FRS requires the best connectivity to ensure unfailing communications, allowing its firefighters to undertake their duties and protect the lives of Avon’s 1.1 million population.

Avon FRS received notice from its previous provider that its secondary connectivity bearer would be withdrawn at the end of March 2022. Following this, Avon FRS engaged with Telent, Cradlepoint’s channel partner; and together quickly deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and wireless edge routers to Avon FRS’ 21 stations to provide a futureproofed, resilient solution. The deployment of the Cradlepoint technology, formed part of a larger project delivered by Avon FRS and Telent to provide a complete technology refresh to Avon FRS’ station end mobilisation system.

Through the deployment, Avon FRS gained further insight into its network, leveraging Cradlepoint’s cloud-based NetCloud platform, affording them the ability to monitor data accurately. Unlike the previous system, Netcloud proactively flagged when connectivity failed, and allowed engineers to address any network issue remotely, significantly reducing downtime. This increases the day-to-day ability of each firefighter to carry out their duties effectively, not having to worry about losing contact with their home station.

Since the delivery of the solution, Avon FRS has benefitted from more reliable and secure networks through improved failover connections.

John Craig, Station Manager, Avon Fire and Rescue Services, said, “Before undertaking this partnership we were already aware of Cradlepoint and its excellent products. We were looking for an ultra-resilient, high-speed router that wouldn’t rely on Paknet or other mobile services and PSTN telephone lines, as they are being decommissioned in 2025 and knew that Cradlepoint could deliver. Not only are the products fantastic, boosting the confidence of our six hundred-plus firefighters, but the service we received has been second-to-none. We cover an incredibly high-risk and expansive environment. Failures in communication can put the lives of our teams, and the public, at risk, and Cradlepoint has helped us significantly reduce that threat. We are already looking into installing Cradlepoint’s routers in our fleet of fire appliances and look forward to our future together.”

“Emergency responders shouldn’t have to worry about poor connection impacting their ability to carry out their duties. It is vital that they use reliable, high-speed network foundations that will only improve their ability to service the general public,’ said Steven Winter, Public Sector Regional Sales Manager at Cradlepoint. “Cradlepoint solutions are designed and developed to support the critical work done by all Blue Lights agencies including the fantastic team at Avon Fire and Rescue Services. ”

Barry Zielinski, Operations and Services Director at Telent said: “Providing Avon Fire and Rescue Services with an upgraded station end solution, providing the capability to carry out their duties more effectively is a fantastic project to be a part of. Protecting over one million people is no walk in the park, and ensuring every fire station remains connected is critical. We look forward to continuing our work with Avon Fire and Rescue Services and delivering further future proof connectivity solution with Cradlepoint for other fire and rescue services.”