Cyber Security Tips to Keep Your Mobile Device Safe


 It is not a secret that a lot of people spend their time on their mobile devices, getting a lot done and hoping that they will be able to keep up with all the crazy stuff around them. But if you are not careful, this same technology that you love so much could make you a big target for cyber attacks and viruses as well.

When it comes to using your mobile device, you need to think carefully about mobile security and how it can affect you. Always assume that there is a big threat just waiting to happen and then make plans that will help you stay safe and not run into trouble.

Some of the best cyber security tips that you can use to make sure your mobile device is always safe include:

Keep the Phone Lock

 One threat that you need to worry about is your device getting stolen. This could provide the thief with complete access to all of your personal information. To help prevent this and to make things a bit harder, you should place a lock on your screen. This can be facial recognition, fingerprinting, a pattern or a passcode to keep the phone safe.

 When you enable the lock screen, you can also choose how long the phone can stay idle before you lock it. Go with the shortest amount of time to be on the safe side and can keep others out of it if they happen to gain physical access to your phone through some means.

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 Set Strong Passwords

The second step that you can try is to set a secure password. When you set these strong passwords on all apps, it is much harder for a potential hacker to guess what they are. You should also make sure that each app has a different password. If a hacker discovers one password and they are all the same, they can have all the fun they want with your system.

This is important not only for your personal devices, but also for any of those that you use for professional reasons as well. According to an Index 2018 Report by Verizon Mobile Security, only 39% of mobile device users in enterprise will change the default passwords and only 38% use a two-factor authentication to keep their phones safe.

 Failure to add strong passwords and keep things safe can be damaging to your information. If it comes to a business phone or device, you could end up putting the whole company at risk if a hacker is able to get onto the device and see the information there.

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 Keep the Operating System Up to Date

 This one is something that a lot of mobile phone users will forget to do. The updates can take a long time, but making sure that you do each one will help fix any holes in the system and makes it harder for a hacker to get on. Do not click for the device to remind you in the future. Take the time now to update the operating system and do it any time you are reminded.

 It is really easy for the operating system to go out of date. And those reminders can get annoying. But doing this will help make sure that your operating system doesn’t have major flaws that a hacker is able to gain access to. Keep it up to date and know that your phone is a lot safer too.

 Connect to a Secure Wi-Fi

 One thing that you probably enjoy about your mobile device is that you are able to access the internet from anywhere that you go. You probably jump on right away when you get to a restaurant or go to a friend’s house to spend some time. Free wi-fi can save you some money on data, but you do need to be careful about any unsecured networks as well.

 To stay safe when you utilize a public wi-fi, you must make sure that you connect to a virtual private network or a VPN. There are different options that you can use for that, but this helps to hide your location and other information about your mobile device, making it harder for anyone, including hackers, to figure out who you are. One of the most popular and convenient options is to find a reliable free VPN for Android, ensuring your online activities remain secure and protected while using public Wi-Fi.

Another way to protect your data is to switch to encrypted phones. With encrypted phones it’s a lot harder for someone to see what data you are sending or what information you have on your mobile phone.

 Don’t Root or Jailbreak Your Phone

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Rooting or jailbreaking your phone is when you decide to unlock the phone and then remove all of the safeguards that the manufacturers have put in place so that you are able to have access to anything that you want on the phone. This can be tempting so that you can access some unique apps not found in official stores, but it can greatly put your phone at risk.

 For example, there may be an app that you really want, but it is likely that it comes from an illegitimate store, which could be enough to put your mobile device at risk. Since the stores can’t be verified, it is possible for a hacker to be hiding behind the app. You download the link and then the hacker has access to everything on the phone and can steal all of your information.

 Along the same lines, you need to be aware of any downloads that you want to use. When you decide to do a download, make sure that it is done from an official app store and then check all of the reviews. It is possible that a cybercriminal is going to create a rogue mobile app that can mimic the look for a real one and then steal your information.

 Keeping Your Mobile Device Safe

 If you use your mobile device for things like email, social media and more, you need to take the time to follow the tips above to ensure that no threat is able to take over. From having a strong password to being careful about the sites that you visit, you are sure to avoid issues and make sure that no one can gain access to your critical information.