Cyberattack costs Weir Group £40 million in profits


The news that Weir Group will be losing up to £40 million in profits, following a ransomware attack in September, is a stark reminder of the sheer scale of impact cyber crime can have on a business.

Given the potential effect on business as a whole, cybersecurity must extend beyond just IT teams. Protecting a business means making cyber resilience an integral part of the entire organisation’s life cycle – baked into every and all essential systems. It’s important to protect what matters most; people and data. Ultimately, cyber resiliency is about ensuring that people, processes and technology are safeguarded and the right culture, structure and strategy are properly communicated and deployed.

As this pandemic has exemplified, business circumstances can change at the drop of a hat. By properly integrating cyber resilience into the business, all bases are covered – whether it’s having to adapt to changes in working environments, new software deployments, or processes.