Data Protection & The Digital Information Bill


We’re pleased to see the UK rediscover its regulatory momentum and return to the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill. The bill could be the cornerstone of a progressive data regime in the UK, allowing businesses across a range of sectors to innovate fast and securely with a greater level of regulatory clarity. More than this, this legislation has the potential to shape tomorrow’s digital economy and support how consumers interact and engage with online services in the future.

We welcome the new debate and focus – particularly around the need to reduce compliance costs and complexity which could otherwise hamper innovation and the UK’s progress as a global technology powerhouse. We hope this will help create an innovation-friendly environment that frees up business resource, in turn lowering the barrier for new market entrants to promote growth and competition.

The bill’s aim to make it faster and easier to verify digital identities by establishing a framework for the use of trust and secure digital verification services is encouraging and shows the government is listening to industry leaders. But this is still early days, and so we look forward to playing our part in advising how the Bill can maximise value and accelerate growth.