DataRobot and UiPath Partner to Accelerate the Path to AI


DataRobot, the pioneering architect of automated machine learning, today announced a partnership with UiPath, the leading Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. With a shared vision of bringing automation and efficiency to as many business processes as possible, the product-level integration empowers users without strong technical expertise to train and infer machine learning models from DataRobot into UiPath processes to augment decision-making and forge a path for artificial intelligence (AI)-Driven Process Automation.

The combination of UiPath and DataRobot unlocks AI-Driven Process Automation, an emerging suite of business improvements that assist the knowledge worker by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up workers to focus on creative and challenging problems. By infusing machine learning into rules-based processes, AI-Driven Process Automation can mimic the actions of humans which leads to increased worker performance, reduction of operational risks, and improved response times and customer journey experiences.

“We believe there is an opportunity to apply AI to nearly all RPA projects. The powerful synergy of RPA and automated machine learning — what we call AI-Driven Process Automation — will allow enterprises to operationalize AI projects and solve business problems faster and more effectively than ever before,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO and Co-Founder, DataRobot. “Our shared focus on bringing automation and precision to as many business processes as possible is perfectly complementary, and we’re excited to embark on this strategic partnership with UiPath to drive additional value to businesses across the globe.” 

By partnering with DataRobot, UiPath now has the ability to integrate DataRobot predictions and modeling capabilities into their automated processes, enabling RPA to automate increasingly more complex tasks via the ability to make decisions outside of defined rules. In financial services, for example, the integration can help steer a banking customer down a loan process path, using RPA to automatically guide the collection of the correct financial information and machine learning models to optimize loan approval processes and recommend interest rates for those that are approved. This lowers the time financial services organizations spend evaluating loans and optimizes inefficient and risky approval processes.

“Our goal is to automate tedious and time-consuming work so workers can focus on creative, challenging problems and we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible with AI-Driven Process Automation,” said Daniel Dines, CEO and Co-Founder, UiPath. “RPA is already accelerating the pace of digital transformation, and adding automated machine learning to the mix will help us deliver even more AI value to our customers. Our partnership with DataRobot will extend the power of RPA to eventually automate beyond human capabilities to move all